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to change / to alter / to transform
to amend / to alter / to modify
to improve / to make better / CL: 個|个
to make better / to improve / CL: 個|个
reform / CL: , 種|种, 項|项 / to reform
to correct / to amend / to put right / correction / CL: 個|个
to improve (sth) / to reform (a system)
to alter
to change one's costume / to repackage / to remodel / to refit / to modify / to convert
  *改* | 改* | *改
to change / to alter / to transform / to correct
to change into
to change over to / to switch to / to use (sth different)
to adapt / to rearrange / to revise
to revise the current edition / revised edition
to revise / to edit
to alter / to modify / to revise
to rebuild / to transform (a building) / to refurbish
to transform / to reform / to remodel / to remold
to convert / to turn into (sth else) / to adapt (a story to another medium)
to change one's name
to drop a bad habit
correctional labor camp
abbr. for 國家發展和改革委員會|国家发展和改革委员会, PRC National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), formed in 2003
reelection / to reelect
to repent / repentance
to amend a judgment / to overrule the original decision / to commute (a sentence)
PRC National Development and Reform Commission
to reorganize / to restructure
to change one's tune / to modify one's previous remark / to change the way one addresses sb (as when one marries and starts to call one's husband's parents 爸爸 and 媽媽|妈妈)
to reschedule / to rearrange (e.g. a meeting) / to postpone
to renew / to reform
to change route / to divert (a road or a watercourse)
another day / some other day
to change a name / to rename
to alter one's fate / to improve one's luck (e.g. by changing one's name or phone number)
to reform and start afresh (idiom); to turn over a new leaf
to reform and open to the outside world / refers to Deng Xiaoping's policies from around 1980
to reorganize / to reshuffle (posts etc)
to alter / to modify / to change / to tamper
genetic modification (GM) / abbr. for 基因改造
to correct / to fix
another day / some other time / to find another day (for appointment etc) / to take a rain check
correction fluid
not significantly changed
genetic modification (GM)
to alter (text) / to change by painting over / to correct (with correction fluid)
change of appearance / to revise one's point of view
to change one's reservation / to transfer to a different flight, airline, bus or train
to switch from one major or faculty to another (at a university)
to reform / to rectify and improve
to convert (to another religion)
to mark (homework, exam scripts etc) / to correct and criticize (an article) / to check / to correct / a correction (to a piece of writing)
to correct an error
completely correcting one's former misdeeds (idiom); to repent past mistakes and turn over a new leaf / a reformed character
to improve water quality
to adjust one's head and turn one's face (idiom); cosmetic changes / Despite superficially new policies, the substance remains unchanged.
political reform
to tamper with / to falsify
reform of the medical system
to improve relations
political reform
to change (sth) / to alter (sth) / to change over (to sth else)
PRC National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), formed in 2003
to remarry (of a woman)
to change profession
abbr. for 勞動改造|劳动改造 / reform through labor / laogai (prison camp)
to transition to a new dynasty
to revise (text, plan etc)
economic reform
to change completely
to edit / to modify / to alter (written material)
to mend one's ways (idiom) / to turn over a new leaf
to recognize one's mistakes and be able to reform oneself (idiom)
financial reform
the reformist party
land reform / same as 土地改革
reform process
change of string, move out of rut (idiom); dramatic change of direction / to dance to a different tune
to improve one's family's social status by moving up in the world / to switch one's allegiance to a new patron
(Protestant) Reformation
to change an emperor's or ruler's reign title (old)
reeducation through labor / laogai (prison camp)
to improve communications
to mend one's ways
screwdriver / CL:
Mordechai (name)
to check and revise
a gift of money given by parents on both sides after a wedding, to their new daughter-in-law or son-in-law
Gerze county in Ngari prefecture, Tibet, Tibetan: Sger rtse rdzong
revised draft / new version (of a document)
land reform
to change / to modify
to change profession or business
to revise a manuscript
old habits are hard to change (idiom)
reform of the writing system
to correct (improve) a translation
turn away from evil and follow virtue

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