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to draw up / to draft / to formulate
to imagine / to make up / fictitious / theoretical / hypothetical / (computing) to emulate / virtual
imitation / to simulate / to imitate / analog (device, as opposed to digital)
  *擬* | 擬* | *擬
to plan to / to draft (a plan) / to imitate / to assess / to compare / pseudo-
to draw up (a plan)
virtual reality (Tw)
virtual machine
virtual reality
to investigate and plan forward
first draft / to draw up (a first version)
proposal / recommendation / to draft
to compare / to draw a parallel / to match / analogy / metaphor / comparison
personification / anthropomorphism
virtual environment
to draft / to devise / to compose
to write in the style of some author / to write as if from the mouth of sb / a pastiche
virtual network
to fit (data to a model) / a (close) fit
to draft (a statement)
analog signal
(math.) pseudosphere, a surface in ordinary space of constant negative curvature
to emulate a classic / to work in the style of a classic (author)
(biol.) mimicry / (protective) mimicry / camouflage
virtual connection
variant of 模擬|模拟
to make a sound effect / sound effect / (historical linguistics) to reconstruct the sound system of an archaic language
to draft / to draw up / to compose (a plan or document)
computer simulation
virtual private network (VPN)
virtual private network (VPN)
curve fitting
subjunctive mood (grammar)
analog amplifier
pseudohalogen, e.g. cyanogen (CN)2
scat singing
(bird species of China) Chinese barbet (Megalaima faber)
to draw an impossible comparison
a work in a classic style / a pastiche
(bird species of China) great barbet (Megalaima virens)
(bird species of China) blue-throated barbet (Megalaima asiatica)
(bird species of China) coppersmith barbet (Megalaima haemacephala)
(bird species of China) green-eared barbet (Megalaima faiostricta)
(bird species of China) golden-throated barbet (Megalaima franklinii)
(bird species of China) blue-eared barbet (Megalaima australis)
(bird species of China) Barbary falcon (Falco pelegrinoides)
(bird species of China) streaked rosefinch (Carpodacus rubicilloides)
(bird species of China) collared grosbeak (Mycerobas affinis)
(bird species of China) lineated barbet (Megalaima lineata)
virtual reality markup language (VRML) (computing)
(bird species of China) Taiwan barbet (Megalaima nuchalis)
to copy (a model)
atropinemimetic drug
(bird species of China) spot-winged grosbeak (Mycerobas melanozanthos)
(bird species of China) white-winged grosbeak (Mycerobas carnipes)

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