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to provide assistance / to support / to back
to save / to support / to help / to assist
(originally) to provide assistance / (more recently) to show one's support (for a singing idol etc)
to help / to support / to aid / aid / assistance
  *援* | 援* | *援
to help / to assist / to aid
reinforcement / back-up / supporting force
to support (a cause)
to quote / to cite / to recommend (one's friend's, associates etc)
to ask for help
prostitute (slang) / see also 援助交際|援助交际
backup (Tw)
to rush to the rescue
rescue team
Resist US, help North Korea (1950s slogan)
to reinforce
to climb up (a rope etc) / climbing (plant)
without support / helpless
external help / foreign aid
Enjo-kōsai or "compensated dating", a practice which originated in Japan where older men give money or luxury gifts to women for their companionship and sexual favors
hidden ally / powerful support / support / backup
assistance / a helping hand / to lend a hand
humanitarian aid
relief agency / emergency service / rescue organisation
technical assistance
out of ammunition and no hope of reinforcements (idiom); in desperate straits
to request help / to appeal (for assistance)
military aid
a helping hand
to quote / to cite
to come to the aid of / to save / to rescue from danger / to relieve
antichemical rescue
to besiege and strike the relief force (idiom); strategy of surrounding a unit to entice the enemy to reinforce, then striking the new troops
girl who engages in enjo-kōsai / see also 援助交際|援助交际
to block reinforcements
domineering / tyrannical
isolated and without help
pro-Tibet / to support Tibet / to support Tibetan independence

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