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  *挨* | 挨* | *挨
in order / in sequence / close to / adjacent to
  *挨* | 挨* | *挨
to suffer / to endure / to pull through (hard times) / to delay / to stall / to play for time / to dawdle
to be criticized / to suffer blame
to take a beating / to get thrashed / to come under attack
information technology (IT) (loanword)
to be beaten / to take a drubbing / buffeted / knocked about
to receive a scolding
from house to house, one by one
from house to house, one by one
to approach / to get close to / to sneak up on / near to
to keep close to the edge / near the mark / close to (the true figure) / relevant (used with negative to mean totally irrelevant)
erhua variant of 挨個|挨个
starving / famished
to be irrelevant / to be superfluous
to press against / to nuzzle up to
to get ripped off
to go hungry / to endure starvation / famished
to crowd together / to jostle / squeezed
to suffer beatings and receive abuse (idiom)
to suffer censure / denounced
to suffer bullying and beating (idiom)
to suffer beating / fig. to be severely criticized / to take a hammering
erhua variant of 挨邊|挨边
one by one / in turn
to stall / to play for time
to delay / to stretch out / to play for time
in rapid succession (of children, close in age) / shoulder-to-shoulder
to suffer a rebuke / criticized
to be rebuked / to suffer blows
in sequence / in the proper order / one by one / in turn
to go from house to house
to be the target of an attack
from door to door, one by one
to go cold and hungry
to be criticized / to suffer blame
to suffer from hunger

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