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to challenge / challenge
  *挑* | 挑* | *挑
to carry on a shoulder pole / to choose / to pick / to nitpick
  *挑* | 挑* | *挑
to raise / to dig up / to poke / to prick / to incite / to stir up
to choose / to select
to pick / to choose / to fight a duel
Space Shuttle Challenger
to provoke / provocation
to provoke / to entice / to lure / to tantalize / to tease / to titillate
picky / fussy
to provoke / to stir up / to incite
to select very carefully
to light a lamp / to raise a lantern
to sow discord / picky about food
to be picky about food
to entice / to arouse / to provoke
to meet a challenge
to sow dissension (idiom); to drive a wedge between
to raise a lantern and fight at night (idiom); fig. to work into the night / to burn the midnight oil
to carp / nitpicking / petty criticism
to incite disharmony / to instigate
provocative / tantalizing / titillating
to incite / to provoke / to tease
highlight (hair) / partial hair dye
to illuminate / to open up (a topic)
to pick and choose / to select
to incite / to stir up / to instigate
cross-stitch (embroidery)
to look for bones in an egg / to find fault / to nitpick (idiom)
one in a hundred / cream of the crop
to select very carefully
to provoke
to incite a quarrel (idiom); to sow discord between people / to tell tales / to make mischief
to take the lead / to be first to (do sth) / to pioneer
lit. it's the soft persimmons that people choose to squeeze (idiom) / fig. it's the weak (i.e. 軟柿子|软柿子) who get picked on / bullies pick soft targets
to pick on sth incessantly (idiom) / to criticize right and left
to sow discord / to provoke
erhua variant of 挑頭|挑头
lit. to put down the load / to quit one's job or responsibiities
to find fault / to carp / nitpicking
to be picky / to be choosy
(fig.) to get cross-eyed / to be bewildered
to play a leading role / to bear a heavy responsibility
to nitpick / petty criticism / to nag
to choose sth over another to suit one's own convenience
to choose sth over another to suit one's own convenience
laborers who carry cargo up and down the mountains on shoulder poles
fascia / eaves board
the eye incites, the heart invites (idiom); flirtatious / making eyes at sb
to sow discord everywhere
erhua variant of 挑毛剔刺

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