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  *拿* | 拿* | *拿
to hold / to seize / to catch / to apprehend / to take / (used in the same way as : to mark the following noun as a direct object)
  *拏* | 拏* | *拏
variant of
  *㧱* | 㧱* | *㧱
old variant of
expert in / good at
Canada / Canadian
to arrest / to capture / to seize / to win (a set, a game etc)
clutch bag
tui na (form of Chinese manual therapy)
to put on airs / self-important / high and mighty
latte (loanword)
to take out / to put out / to provide / to put forward (a proposal) / to come up with (evidence)
Napoleon (name) / Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Emperor of France 1804-1815
tuna (loanword)
tuna (loanword)
St Helena
to bring / to fetch / to get
to pick up
to be unable to carry / lift (sth heavy)
specialty (dish)
to take away
to arrest / to catch a criminal
to make a decision / to make up one's mind
to grasp / (dialect) affecting shyness / coy / to create difficulties
don't know what to do with you / can't really say no to you
sauna (loanword)
Book of Jonah
Hannah (biblical figure)
Panama Canal
HMCS (Her Majesty's Canadian Ship) / prefix for Canadian Navy Vessels
to do a handstand
stubborn / inflexible
dinner invitations, grabbing, obstructing and demanding bribes / all kinds of abuse of power
not presentable / not fit to be seen in company
Montana, US state
latte (coffee) / café latte
not presentable / shoddy and too embarrassing to show
doughnut (loanword)
making things awkward / to cause difficulties / to exert influence / to attract
the role an actor plays best (idiom) / (fig.) one's specialty / one's forte
pretentious / striking a pose
Nashon (son of Amminadab)
to arrest / to seize
Saint Helena
(coll.) man in power / boss / authority / expert
lit. a dog who catches mice / to be meddlesome (idiom)
a sure gain / sth one is sure to obtain
Manasseh (son of Hezekiah)
Nassau, capital of The Bahamas
to wave a chicken feather as a token of authority (idiom); to assume unwarranted authority on the basis of some pretext
the attitude of mechanically borrowing (ideas etc)
in doubt / unsure of sth / unable to decide / indecisive
Nassau, capital of The Bahamas (Tw)
Panama City
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Emperor of France 1804-1815
Amminadab (son of Ram)
Hallasan Mountain or Mount Halla, highest mountain in South Korea
Naomi (name)
Managua, capital of Nicaragua (Tw)
to throw one's weight around / to put on airs
to capture / to apprehend
Messina, Sicilian city
to detain / to apprehend / to capture
guarana (Paullinia cupana)
to be a cinch / in the bag / (of a person) confident of success
paraffin / variant of 石蠟|石蜡
Canadian Pacific Railway
to arrest
to arrest for punishment
to hold power / in the driving seat
Strait of Messina between Calabria and Sicily
Royal Canadian Navy RCN
lit. can pick it up or put it down (idiom) / fig. to take what comes / to meet gains or losses with equanimity
to arrest / to capture / to catch
(bird species of China) cackling goose (Branta hutchinsii)
to do a handstand
Montana, US state
Nazareth (in Biblical Palestine)
to provoke
(chemistry) ammonal (loanword)
(dialect) spanner (loanword)
Bonaparte (name) / Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Emperor of France 1804-1815
dynamite (loanword)
to bring to justice
lit. the mouth that has been fed by others is soft, the hand that has received doesn't reach (idiom) / fig. one is partial to those from whom presents have been accepted

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