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  *拍* | 拍* | *拍
to pat / to clap / to slap / to swat / to take (a photo) / to shoot (a film) / racket (sports) / beat (music)
to auction / auction sale / to sell at a reduced price
to take a picture of a person without permission or without their knowledge
to film / to shoot (a picture)
to take a picture
to take a picture or video of oneself / to take a selfie / selfie
clapper-board / auctioneer's hammer / to beat time with clappers
to film / to make a film
to slap the table in amazement (idiom); wonderful! / amazing!
judicial auction / to sell by judicial auction
auction / CL: 場|场
aerial photography (video or still) (Tw)
to shoot a movie
drone equipped for aerial photography
to begin shooting (a movie, a scene of a movie etc) / to start the bidding (auction) / to start a trading session (stock market)
to flatter / to fawn on / to butter sb up / toadying / bootlicking
(dialect) to date sb
to vouch for
candid photograph / genuine photograph (not set up or doctored)
beat (music) / meter
Polaroid (Tw)
to reproduce photographically / to duplicate / to adapt (as a movie) / to remake (a movie) / adaptation / reproduction / remake
to pat / to slap / (of a bird) to flap (one's wings)
to document on film the course of events / to follow sb with a camera
to sell at auction / to reach a given price at auction
in time with (i.e. same rhythm) / to keep in step with / fig. to cooperate
to clap one's hands
lit. to be together from the first beat (idiom) / to hit it off / to click together / to chime in easily
to capture (an image) / to snap (a photo)
to make a movie
time signature (music)
(dialect) to perform / to act (in a play etc)
auctioneer / auction house
to make oneself scarce / to slip away / to take French leave
to resort to bragging and flattering / abbr. for 吹牛拍馬|吹牛拍马
camera self-timer (for delayed shutter release)
to urge on a horse by patting its bottom / fig. to encourage / same as 拍馬屁|拍马屁, to flatter or toady
electric mosquito swatter
selfie stick / also written 自拍杆
lit. to slap the table (in amazement, praise, anger, resentment etc) / fig. astonishing!, wonderful!, dreadful! etc
camera self-timer mode (for delayed shutter release)
to smack / to beat
beat (music) / paddle-shaped object (flyswatter etc) / racket (sports)
to prepare to film / to plan a shoot
citizen journalist (typically posting short, self-produced documentary videos on the Web)
(Tw) (coll.) to seek sympathy
to beat against the shore (of waves)
Slapping the Table in Amazement (Part I), first of two books of vernacular stories by Ming dynasty novelist Ling Mengchu 凌濛初|凌蒙初
ping-pong paddle
(of marriage or business partners) to break up (idiom) / to separate
lit. to slap the table and stand up (idiom); fig. at the end of one's tether / unable to take it any more
smashed cucumber salad
to beat time
lit. one palm alone cannot clap (proverb) / fig. it takes two persons to start a dispute / it takes two to tango / it's difficult to achieve anything without support
to send / to cable (a telegram)
(music) beat
Slapping the Table in Amazement (Part II), second of two books of vernacular stories by Ming dynasty novelist Ling Mengchu 凌濛初|凌蒙初
(slang) to throw brickbats / to criticize harshly
to beat time / to mark rhythm on drum or clapper boards
to send a telegram
(music) a half-beat behind / (fig.) rather slow (in performing a task, comprehending etc)
to smooth whiskers and pat a horse's bottom (idiom); to use flatter to get what one wants / to toady / boot-licking
Dutch auction / descending-price auction
to resort to bragging and flattering
writing pad
to chase girls / to hang around with girls
flatterer / toady
to boast and flatter
lit. slap the table and shout with praise (idiom); fig. wonderful! / amazing! / great!
hurried / impatient / rushed
selfie stick
to start shooting (a film) / to invest in (a movie) / to put (sth) up for auction
aerial photography (video or still)

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