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to abandon / to discard / to renounce / to dump (sb)
  *拋* | 拋* | *拋
to throw / to toss / to fling / to cast / to abandon
to polish / to burnish
to toss / to throw out
to drop anchor / to break down (of a car etc)
to throw out / to get rid of
to dump (selling abroad more cheaply than cost price at home)
to get the ball rolling (abbr. for 拋磚引玉|抛砖引玉)
lit. throw out a brick and get jade thrown back (idiom) / fig. to attract others' interest or suggestions by putting forward one's own modest ideas to get the ball rolling
to throw down / to dump / to abandon / thrown down
to throw / to cast
to throw / to shoot
to desert / to leave / to forsake
to discard
to throw amorous or flirtatious glances at sb (esp. of a woman)
to drip / to flow out / to sprinkle
to show your face in public (derog.)
to scatter / to disperse
throwing the embroidered ball (traditional Zhuang flirting game at festivals) / (fig.) to make overtures / to court
to sprinkle
to short-sell (finance)
to lie idle (of arable land) / fig. rusty because of lack of practice
paraboloid (geometry)
cover (i.e. insurance against loss in financial deals)
hyperbolic paraboloid (math.)
to lose face / humiliation
to waste / to squander
to drop anchor
covered arbitrage
to entice an inexperienced man

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