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  *扒* | 扒* | *扒
to peel / to skin / to tear / to pull down / to cling to (sth on which one is climbing) / to dig
  *扒* | 扒* | *扒
to rake up / to steal / to braise / to crawl
to push lightly / to flick to one side / to get rid of
to push food into one's mouth using chopsticks while holding one's bowl up to one's mouth
to flay / to skin / (fig.) to exploit / to take advantage of
to pry open or apart / to spread (sth) open with both hands
to steal / to pick pockets / to frisk
Zhou the exploiter, archetypal character in short story 半夜雞叫|半夜鸡叫
pork steak
to pull oneself up onto a moving vehicle
muckraking / to stir up scandal / to expose (corruption)
incest between father-in-law and daughter-in-law
crawl high, step low (idiom); unprincipled crawling, flattering one's superiors and trampling on one's juniors / toadying and bullying
buckwheat pudding (snack of buckwheat noodles with sauce)
sledge / also written 爬犁
to pile together / to cram food into one's mouth (with chopsticks) / to eat fast
(idiom) extremely anxious / anguished
to strip, tie up, hang and beat sb, an ancient torture technique
handhold (to pull oneself up)
beef steak
to sack the home and lead off the cattle (proverb) / to strip of everything

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