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window / CL: 個|个,
bank account / online account
user / consumer / subscriber / customer
client / customer
  *戶* | 戶* | *戶
a household / door / family
(bank, computer etc) account
customer service / client service
to open an account (bank etc)
merchant / trader / businessman / firm
username / user ID
subscriber (to a newspaper or periodical)
client (computing)
insurance policy holder
population (counted as number of households for census or taxation) / registered residence / residence permit / (in Hong Kong and Macau) bank account
door / strategic gateway / portal / faction / sect / family status / family / web portal / (old) brothel
household / inhabitant / householder
great family / rich family / large landlord / conspicuous spender or consumer
customer service division
ducal title meaning lord of 10,000 households / also translated as Marquis
ten thousand houses or households
census register / household register
to transfer ownership (of a vehicle, securities etc) / (real estate) conveyancing
bank account / CL: 個|个
Kōbe, major Japanese port near Ōsaka
individual (shareholder) / the small investor
understood by everyone (idiom); well known / a household name
configuration of rooms in a residence (e.g. 3BR 2 Bath)
Edo (old name of Tokyo)
registered user
indoors / within the home
each and every family (idiom) / every household
to form one's own group or school of thought / to set up one's own business / to establish oneself
to settle / to set up home
subscriber line
to obtain a residence permit
web portal
lit. not putting a foot outside / to stay at home
peasant household
tenant / person who leases
newly rich / parvenu / upstart
the families are well-matched in terms of social status (idiom) / (of a prospective marriage partner) an appropriate match
family firm producing a special product / cottage industry
head of the household
Ministry of Revenue in imperial China
(Tw) household registration certificate (identity document)
client application
user interface
end user
self-employed / a private firm (PRC usage)
rich family / large landlord
Orion (constellation)
every family (idiom)
householder who refuses to vacate his home despite pressure from property developers
household register / household registration booklet / residence certificate
unregistered resident or household / unlicensed shop
current account (economics)
Minister of Revenue (from the Han dynasty onwards)
savings account (in bank)
shacks / shack-dwellers / slum-dwellers
to leave a marriage with nothing (no possessions or property)
tenant farmer
depositor (in bank or shares)
to apply for residence / to register a birth
household with savings or annual income of 10,000 yuan or more (considered a large amount in the 1970s, when the term became established)
user-generated content (of a website)
to live apart from parents (of married couple) / to achieve independence
(bank) depositor
household average
Hu county in Xi'an 西安, Shaanxi
sectarian bias / parochialism
Marquis (highest Han dynasty ducal title meaning lord of 10,000 households) / high nobles
to make one's home in a place / to settle
income account (accountancy)
client (computer)
lit. doors not locked at night (idiom); fig. stable society
graphical user interface (GUI)
demolition of homes / to destroy homes (for new building projects)
to plunder the homes of the wealthy for food (in times of famine) / (of sb who has no income) to rely on others / to demand a "contribution" or "loan" from a business or wealthy individual
household register
door and window / the home
from house to house, one by one
fixing of farm output quotas for each household
Mito City, capital of Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Jehu (842-815 BC), Israelite king, prominent character in 2 Kings 9:10
boatman / boat dweller
store / shop
current account (in bank)
Orionids / Orionid meteor shower
registered occupants of a house
lit. flowing water does not rot, nor a door-hinge rust (idiom) / fig. constant activity prevents decay
current account (in bank)
variant of 訂戶|订户
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