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  *戎* | 戎* | *戎
surname Rong
  *戎* | 戎* | *戎
generic term for weapons (old) / army (matters) / military affairs
military horse / by extension, military matters
martial attire
arms / weapons
the Xirong, an ancient ethnic group of Western China from the Zhou Dynasty onwards / Xionites (Central Asian nomads)
Dijon (France)
Quanrong, Zhou Dynasty ethnic group of present-day western China
to lay down the pen and take up the sword (idiom) / to join the military (esp. of educated person)
to meet on the battlefield (idiom)
to enlist / to be in the army
military uniform
weapons and armor
military vehicle
military affairs
troops / military affairs
Jung Chang (1952-), British-Chinese writer, name at birth Zhang Erhong 張二鴻|张二鸿, author of Wild Swans 野天鵝|野天鹅 and Mao: The Unknown Story 毛澤東·鮮為人知的故事|毛泽东·鲜为人知的故事
(military) chariot driver (old)
opportunity for a fight / war
ancient ethnic groups in northwestern China
omicron (Greek letter)
army life (idiom) / the experience of war
a time of military urgency / war crisis
omicron (Greek letter Οο)
Jiang Rong (1946-), pseudonym of Lü Jiamin 呂嘉民|吕嘉民, Chinese writer

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