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ought to / should / must
to adapt / to fit / to suit
to accept a job offer / to apply for an advertised position
to put to use / to apply / practical / applied (science, linguistics etc) / application / practical use / (computing) app
to react / to respond / reaction / response / reply / chemical reaction / CL: 個|个
to answer / to respond / to answer positively / to agree / to accept / to promise
to deal with / to cope
to correspond / answering (one another) / to agree (among the part) / corresponding / relevant / appropriate / (modify) accordingly
to correspond / a correspondence / corresponding / homologous / matching with sth / counterpart
to respond to / answer / CL: 個|个
at sb's invitation / on invitation
social niceties / social interaction / a dinner party
to respond / response
(Tw) (computing) program / application
to supply / to provide / to offer
to respond accordingly to / to adapt to / to cope with
  *應* | 應* | *應
surname Ying / Taiwan pr. [Ying4]
  *應* | 應* | *應
to agree (to do sth) / should / ought to / must / (legal) shall
  *應* | 應* | *應
to answer / to respond / to comply with / to deal or cope with
response / reaction / interaction / irritability (biol.) / induction (elec.) / inductance
supply chain
to apply (for a job) / to reply to a job advertisement
effect (scientific phenomenon)
to answer / to reply / to handle / to deal with / response
everything that should be here is here (idiom); all one can think of is on hand / to have all one needs
to meet a contingency / to adapt oneself to changes
(computing) program / application
power supply (of an appliance etc)
to deserve (attention, respect etc) / should have (freedoms, rights etc)
(originally) to provide assistance / (more recently) to show one's support (for a singing idol etc)
should / ought to
with everything needed available
to take an exam
this year's / the current year's
application software
to respond to an emergency / to meet a contingency / (attributive) emergency
to conform (with) / to echo / to correlate well / (linguistics) agreement
inductor (elec.)
should / ought to
supply does not meet demand
network application
to take an exam
an answering voice / to answer a voice / to respond / to copy a voice / to parrot
to comply / to conform to / in tune with / adapting to / to adjust to
according with the times / seasonal
(Buddhism) divine retribution / karma
you're most welcome / sure thing! / I did what I was supposed to do
business application
lit. what the heart wishes, the hand accomplishes (idiom) skilled at the job / entirely in one's element / going smoothly and easily
to take up a challenge / to face an attack and meet it
to come true / to come about as predicted / to be fulfilled
immune response
to promise / to allow
to deal with / to wait on / to provide for
to deserve
adaptability / flexibility
to provide support / to come to the rescue
to correlate with / to correspond to
to look after / to take care of / to attend to
to reply
allergic reaction
emergency management
stress (physics)
applied science
to give one's assent / to consent / Taiwan pr. [ying4 yun3]
to assent / to comply with
all / every
chain reaction
domino effect / ripple effect
butterfly effect (dynamical systems theory)
response time (technology)
applied mathematics
to change according to the situation (idiom); pragmatic
to emerge to meet a historic destiny (idiom) / to arise at an opportune time / able to take advantage of an opportunity / to rise to the occasion
to respond to a call
application software
call girl center
chemical reaction
application platform (computing)
(coll.) objectionable / to feel revolted / to gross (sb) out
to attend to / to deal with
guilty and deserves to be punished (idiom); entirely appropriate chastisement / the punishment fits the crime
to coordinate outside and inside offensives (idiom) / (fig.) to act together
application layer (computing)
accrual (accounting)
timely / occasional
optical response / reaction to light / light sensitive / photoinduction
to readily consent
to reply casually
to respond to the market / to buy or sell according to market conditions
Wei Yinwu (737-792), Tang dynasty poet
interactions between heaven and mankind (Han Dynasty doctrine)
to answer the door
applied writing / writing for practical purposes (business letters, advertising etc)
to echo one another / to respond (in agreement)
(nuclear etc) reactor

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