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  *憲* | 憲* | *憲
statute / constitution
constitution (of a country) / CL:
constitutional government
military police
to amend the constitution
constitutional monarchy
United Nations charter
Constitutional Court
the Kempeitai or Japanese Military Police 1881-1945 (Japanese counterpart of the Gestapo during WWII)
to set up a constitution
Sun Yat-sen's Five-power constitution of Republic of China, then of Taiwan / The five courts or are 行政院 Executive yuan, 立法院 Legislative yuan, 司法院 Judicial yuan, 考試院|考试院 Examination yuan, 監察院|监察院 Control yuan
Emperor Xianzong of Tang (778-820), reign name of twelfth Tang emperor Li Chun 李純|李纯 reigned 805-820
to violate the constitution
Huang Zunxian (1848-1905), Qing dynasty poet and diplomat, author of A Record of Japan 日本國誌|日本国志, an extended analysis of Meiji Japan
Charter 08, PRC pro-democracy petition of December 2008
Empress Xiaoshengxian (1693-1777), consort of Emperor Yongzheng 雍正 and mother of Emperor Qianlong 乾隆
Guardian Council, body of 12 appointed clerics which governs Iran
the Chartist movement (in the 1840s in England)
laws / regulations / rules
Magna Carta
to rule a country according to the constitution
Guardian Council of the Constitution of Iran

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