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  *惡* | 惡* | *惡
  *惡* | 惡* | *惡
evil / fierce / vicious / ugly / coarse / to harm
  *惡* | 惡* | *惡
to hate / to loathe / ashamed / to fear / to slander
malice / evil intention
demon / fiend
vile / nasty / of very poor quality
sinister / vicious / wicked / evil
to worsen
spoof (web-based genre in PRC, acquiring cult status from 2005, involving humorous, satirical or fantastical videos, photo collections, texts, poems etc)
crime / evil / sin
practical joke / prank / to play a practical joke
to loathe / to hate / disgusted with sth
scoundrel / rogue / bully / villain
repulsive / vile / hateful / abominable
evil person / vile creature / ugly man
malignant / wicked / vicious (circle) / producing evil / rapid (decline) / runaway (inflation)
malignant tumor
evil tyrant
to loathe / to abhor / hatred / revulsion
good and evil / good versus evil
evil or wicked conduct
nausea / to feel sick / disgust / nauseating / to embarrass (deliberately)
bad habit / vicious habit / vice
malware (computing)
feeling of guilt
everything that is evil
vicious circle
demon / fiend
to do evil
hard fighting / fierce battle
evil spirit / devil
dangerous / sinister / vicious
malignant deity / fiend
to become enemies / to become hostile towards
bad habit / vice
hard fighting / fierce battle
evil consequence / retribution (in Buddhism)
infamous / notorious
very fierce
evil tongue / malicious talk
unpleasant ailment / foul disease
fierce / ferocious / fiendish / frightening
lit. likes and dislikes / preferences / taste
ugly / repulsive
Castlevania (video game series)
evil influence
to despise
to overdose on supplementary medicine / to cram too hard
to hate evil / see also 憎惡|憎恶
to loathe / to hate / to abhor / see also 憎惡|憎恶
bad name / evil reputation
evil countenance / vicious appearance
variant of 兇惡|凶恶, fierce / ferocious / fiendish / frightening
malicious libel / slander
to detest bitterly (idiom) / implacable hatred / to abhor / anathema
evil smell / resentment / unpleasant manner
guilty of terrible crimes (idiom) / reprehensible
evil has its retribution (idiom); to suffer the consequences of one's bad deeds / sow the wind and reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7)
lit. to eat one's own bitter fruit (idiom) / fig. to suffer the consequences of one's own actions / to stew in one's own juice
likes and dislikes
evil / malicious deed
not to shrink from any crime (idiom); to commit any imaginable misdeed
wicked beyond redemption (idiom) / heinous
young thug / malicious young ruffian
evil words / malicious talk
dirty water / water that is unfit to drink / slops
hoodlum / bad guy
malign sore (TCM)
the guilty party files the suit / the thief cries thief
bad habit / evil custom / vulgarity
to hate one another
bad language / foul mouth
to uphold virtue and condemn evil (idiom)
overbearing fiend
lit. strung through and filled with evil (idiom); filled with extreme evil / replete with vice / guilty of monstrous crimes
virtue has its reward, evil its retribution
variant of 厄運|厄运
to love ease and comfort and hate work (idiom)
fiends (idiom); devils and monsters
malicious abuse / lewd song / evil reputation
the root of all evil
lit. barren hills and wild rivers (idiom) / fig. inhospitable natural environment
malice / ill will
fierce and vicious
evil forces / criminal elements
to praise the virtue of sb or sth while concealing their faults
to eradicate evil completely (idiom); thorough in rooting out wickedness
vicious wife
to have a mean-looking face but a heart of gold (idiom)
wickedness / evil behavior
evil crimes fill heaven (idiom)
violent wave / fierce billow / fig. depraved force
Cachexia (physical wasting associated with long-term illness)
to insult / to direct bad language at sb / to slag off
to detest / to abhor
to curse fiercely

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