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oppressive (of weather) / heavy / depressed / not happy / (of sound) dull / muffled
  *悶* | 悶* | *悶
stuffy / shut indoors / to smother / to cover tightly
  *悶* | 悶* | *悶
bored / depressed / melancholy / sealed / airtight / tightly closed
depressed / dejected / feeling low
puzzled / bewildered
sultry / sultriness / hot and stuffy / stifling hot
gloomy / depressed
moody / gloomy
to seethe / to sulk / to be pissed off (vulgar)
depressed / full of worries / feeling down
to relieve boredom or melancholy / a diversion
to keep silent
depressed / sulky / moody / unhappy
muffled thunder / (fig.) sudden shock / blow
depressed / gloomy
alcohol drunk to drown one's sorrows
to feel oppressed / to be depressed / to feel dejected
lit. closed gourd / fig. enigma / complete mystery / taciturn person
to divert oneself from melancholy
erhua variant of 納悶|纳闷
to amass wealth while keeping a low profile (idiom)
(coll.) outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside
to divert oneself from melancholy
(dialect) to joke
to dispel anguish
lit. to eliminate worry and dispel melancholy (idiom); diversion from boredom / to dispel depression or melancholy / to relieve stress / a relaxing pass-time
to faint / to swoon / to lose consciousness
(coll.) to wonder secretly / to make wild conjectures
fainting and giddy / one's head spins
silent fart
to divert one's mind from boredom (idiom)
to use it for the purpose of relieving the tedium to some extent
chest pain / chest distress

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