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  *戀* | 戀* | *戀
to feel attached to / to long for / to love
(romantic) love / CL: 個|个, 場|场 / in love / to have an affair
first love
romantic love
lover / sweetheart
to lose one's love / to break up (in a romantic relationship) / to feel jilted
in love with / to feel deeply attached to
homosexuality / gay person / gay love
to court / to go steady / to be dating
to be infatuated with / to be enchanted by / to be passionate about
to be fondly attached to / to not wish to part with / to cling to
to be secretly in love with
to fall head over heels in love / to be passionately in love
to love each other
love song
reluctant to leave / to hate to have to go / to recall fondly
to miss / to long for / to remember with longing / yearning
love and marriage
(sexual) fetishism
home-loving / to feel a strong attachment to home life / to begrudge being away from home
unrequited love / one-sided love
pedophilia / pedophile
love between an older woman and a younger man
online love affair / cyberdate / Internet dating
homosexual / gay person
(sexual) fetishism
to cling to / to be reluctant to give up (sth) / to have a fondness for (an indulgence etc)
bisexual / bisexuality
heterosexuality / heterosexual love
long-distance romance / long-distance relationship
change of affection, shift of love (idiom); to change one's feelings to another love / to fall in love with sb else
fig. romantic relationship between an elderly couple / falling in love in the autumn of one's life
puppy love
reluctant to part
to be reluctant to give up a post
to zealously continue fighting
(Internet slang) nothing left to live for
to be enamored of / to have tender feelings for / to be sentimentally attached to (a person or place)
to miss / to long for
Oedipus complex
foot fetish
feelings of first love
love triangle
Electra complex
to have a sentimental attachment to (a place) / to miss (one's ancestral home etc) / to be nostalgic about
(sexual) fetishism
sentimental attachment to a person or place
an incompetent man clings to a good position (idiom)
lit. the old horse loves his stable / fig. sb old but reluctant to relinquish their post (idiom)
dwelling on the past / difficulty in adapting to changes
foot fetishist
(sexual) fetishism

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