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magazine / CL: , ,
sign / mark / symbol / logo / to symbolize / to indicate / to mark
comrade / (slang) homosexual / CL: 個|个
ambition / resolve / backbone / drive / spirit
will / willpower / determination / CL: 個|个
  *誌* | 誌* | *誌
sign / mark / to record / to write a footnote
  *志* | 志* | *志
aspiration / ambition / the will
to encourage / encouragement
journal / log (computing)
Luo Zhixiang or Show Luo or Alan Luo (1979-), Taiwanese pop star
blog / weblog / same as 博客
History of the Three Kingdoms, fourth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, composed by Chen Shou 陳壽|陈寿 in 289 during Jin Dynasty 晉朝|晋朝, 65 scrolls
aspiration / ambition / to volunteer
magazine publisher
Lin Chi-ling (1974-), Taiwanese model and actress
will to fight / fighting spirit
Ho Chi Minh City a.k.a. Saigon, Vietnam
great goal / magnificent aspiration
Second book of Chronicles
with single-hearted devotion (idiom)
Lexus / see also 雷克薩斯|雷克萨斯
will / resolution / aspiration
to be determined / to be resolved
Jason Hu (1948-), former Taiwan foreign minister
to be ambitious
First book of Chronicles
emotion / mood
German (phonetic rendition of "Deutsch") / Germany
signal / sign (traffic control etc)
consciousness / state of mind / compos mentis
Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, Qing dynasty book of tales by 蒲松齡|蒲松龄
to become demoralized / to lose one's sense of purpose
to demonstrate one's sincere convictions
(Tw) (coll.) matter / thing / (Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [tāi-tsì], equivalent to Mandarin 事情)
like-minded (idiom) / fellow enthusiast / kindred spirit
inclination / interest
Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969), former Vietnamese leader / see also 胡志明市
lofty ideals / noble aspirations
traffic sign
Demosistō, a pro-democracy political party in Hong Kong, established in 2016
Xu Zhimo (1897-1931), writer and poet
ambition / goal / ideal / aspiration
Deutsche Bank
to accomplish one's ambition / a dream come true / to enjoy success
high aims
Shangzhi county level city in Harbin 哈爾濱|哈尔滨, Heilongjiang
unity of will is an impregnable stronghold (idiom)
ugly guy with a pretty girlfriend (slang)
Tsai Chih Chung (1948-), famous Taiwanese cartoonist specializing in retelling the Chinese classics
local chronicles / district records
volunteer army
lit. trifling destroys the will (idiom); infatuation with fine details prevents one making progress / excessive attention to trivia saps the will
fully content with one's achievements (idiom) / complacent
general history of a county / county annals
enormously proud of one's success (idiom); smug / complacent
the will to live
having high fighting spirit
gentleman aspiring to benevolence (idiom); people with lofty ideals
firm determination
Zhang Zhixin (1930-1975) female revolutionary and martyr, who followed the true Marxist-Leninist line as a party member, and was arrested in 1969, murdered in 1975 after opposing the counterrevolutionary party-usurping conspiracies of Lin Biao and the Gang of Four, and only rehabilitated posthumously in 1979
far-reaching ambition / lofty ideal / milkwort (Polygala myrtifolia), with roots used in Chinese medicine
conscious / having a will
Zhidan county in Yan'an 延安, Shaanxi
the Chinese People's Volunteer Army deployed by China to aid North Korea in 1950
high aspiration
lit. an old steed in the stable still aspires to gallop 1000 miles (idiom); fig. old people may still cherish high aspirations
inscribed stone tablet placed in the tomb / memorial inscription on such a tablet
gentleman aspiring to benevolence (idiom); people with lofty ideals
soured by the loss of one's hopes
Fan Zhiyi (1969-), soccer player
poor but with great ambitions (idiom) / poor but principled
persevere and you will succeed (idiom); where there's a will, there's a way
poor and with low expectations / poverty stunts ambition
Federal Republic of Germany / former West Germany 1945-1990, now simply Germany
the mission in life of a deceased person, left to others to carry on
historical record inscribed on tablet
Zhidan county in Yan'an 延安, Shaanxi
a really determined person will find a solution (idiom); where there's a will, there's a way
steadfast / with single-minded devotion
to demonstrate one's sincerity by dying
Baozhi, or Pao-chih, Chinese monk (418–514), also known as 保誌|保志 or 誌公|志公
to pay respects to the dead / to mark sb's passing
German Democratic Republic (East Germany), 1945-1990
to aspire to travel far and make one's mark (idiom)
Zhai Zhigang (1966-), Chinese astronaut
free will
to take an oath to do sth / to pledge / to vow
living a simple life as one's ideal (idiom)
to recall silently
volunteer soldier / CL:
voluntarism / metaphysical view, esp. due to Schopenhauer 叔本華|叔本华, that the essence of the world is willpower

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