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virtue / morality / ethics / CL: 種|种
moral character
  *德* | 德* | *德
Germany / German / abbr. for 德國|德国
  *德* | 德* | *德
virtue / goodness / morality / ethics / kindness / favor / character / kind
German (language)
Germany / German
German (language)
Bade or Pate city in Taoyuan county 桃園縣|桃园县, north Taiwan
Chengde prefecture-level city in Hebei / also Chengde county
USA and Germany
Jente township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
benevolent integrity / high mindedness
Andy Lau (1961-), Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actor
Dezhou prefecture-level city in Shandong / abbr. for 德克薩斯州|德克萨斯州, Texas
highest virtue / illustrious virtue
remdesivir (antiviral medication) (loanword)
Shunde district of Foshan city 佛山市, Guangdong
West Germany / German Federal Republic 德意志聯邦共和國|德意志联邦共和国
achievements and virtue
moral education
Dexing county level city in Shangrao 上饒|上饶, Jiangxi
Dechang county in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture 涼山彞族自治州|凉山彝族自治州, south Sichuan
Stockholm, capital of Sweden
Mandalay, province and second city of Myanmar (Burma)
Madrid, capital of Spain
KFC / Kentucky Fried Chicken
Floyd (name) / Freud (name) / Dr Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), the founder of psychoanalysis
Edward / Édouard (name)
to distinguish oneself through virtue (one the three imperishables 三不朽)
Deyang prefecture-level city in Sichuan
William Lai Ching-te (1959-), Taiwanese DPP politician, vice president of the Republic of China from 2020
Howard (name)
rad (unit of absorbed dose of ionizing radiation) (loanword)
Luther (name) / Martin Luther (1483-1546), reformation protestant minister
Deutsche Welle, German publicly-operated international broadcaster
Andre (person name)
Debao county in Baise 百色, Guangxi
Don Quixote / also written 堂吉訶德|堂吉诃德
Wade (name) / Sir Thomas Francis Wade (1818-1895), sinologist 威妥瑪|威妥玛
Jiande county level city in Hangzhou 杭州, Zhejiang
morality and conduct / Taiwan pr. [de2 xing4]
variant of 德性
Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), German philosopher
Eid (Islam)
New Delhi, capital of India
Nelson Mandela (1918-2013), South African ANC politician, president of South Africa 1994-1999
splendid virtue / majestic moral character / great kindness
power and virtue
Delhi / New Delhi, capital of India / same as 新德里
Mohammed (c. 570-632), central figure of Islam and prophet of God
Hyde (surname)
Changde prefecture-level city in Hunan
Nazi Germany (1933-1945)
Tongde county in Hainan Tibetan autonomous prefecture 海南藏族自治州, Qinghai
Richard (name)
Pang De (-219), general of Cao Wei at the start of the Three Kingdoms period, victor over Guan Yu 關羽|关羽 / Pound (name) / Ezra Pound (1885-1972), American poet and translator
Andrew (name)
splendid virtue / majestic moral character / great kindness
Bade or Pate city in Taoyuan county 桃園縣|桃园县, north Taiwan
De'an county in Jiujiang 九江, Jiangxi
Clark T. Randt Jr. (1945-), US ambassador to Beijing 2001-2009
Baode county in Xinzhou 忻州, Shanxi
Ludwig (name)
Tehran, capital of Iran
Aide (brand)
Texas Instruments
German (phonetic rendition of "Deutsch") / Germany
moral integrity
(coll.) revolting behavior / CL:
Otto Braun (1900-1974), Comintern adviser to the Chinese communist party 1932-1939
Decheng district of Dezhou city 德州市, Shandong
Zhengde Emperor, reign name of eleventh Ming emperor Zhu Houzhao 朱厚照 (1491-1521), reigned 1505-1521, Temple name 明武宗
Jeanne d'Arc (1412-1431), French heroine and liberator, executed as a witch by the Burgundians and English / also called Jehanne Darc, the Maid or Orleans, Joan of Arc or St Joan
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), German poet and dramatist
to sing the praises of sb
the Book of Dao by Laozi or Lao-Tze, the sacred text of Daoism
Vardø (city in Finnmark, Norway)
gothic (Tw)
Texas hold 'em (poker variant)
Edwards (name)
Jingdezhen prefecture-level city in Jiangxi province 江西, famous for porcelain
Adelaide, capital of South Australia / also written 阿德萊德|阿德莱德
Schröder (name) / Gerhard Schröder (1944-), German SPD politician, Chancellor 1998-2005
Keysight Technologies (instrumentation company)
two Germanies / refers to German Democratic Republic (East Germany) and the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany)
German person or people
deeply grateful
Tokugawa, the ruling clan of Japan from 1550-1850
Sanders (name) / Bernie Sanders, United States Senator from Vermont and 2016 Presidential candidate
benevolent government
Dehui county level city in Changchun 長春|长春, Jilin
Dehua county in Quanzhou 泉州, Fujian
Real Madrid (soccer team)
Zhang Dejiang (1946-), PRC politician
Lutheran church
a person of virtue and prestige / a person of good moral standing and reputation
Guangde county in Xuancheng 宣城, Anhui

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