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  *張* | 張* | *張
to open up / to spread / sheet of paper / classifier for flat objects, sheet / classifier for votes
nervous / keyed up / intense / tense / strained / in short supply / scarce / CL: 陣|阵
to advocate / to stand for / view / position / stand / proposition / viewpoint / assertion / CL: 個|个
to exaggerate / overstated / exaggerated / hyperbole / (coll.) excessive / ridiculous / outrageous
confused / flustered
expansion / dilation / to expand (e.g. one's power or influence) / to broaden
to look in all directions (idiom) / to glance around
  *張* | 張* | *張
surname Zhang
to post (a notice) / to advertise
to open one's mouth (to eat, speak etc) / to gape / to start talking (esp. to make a request)
to open one's mouth (to speak, esp. to make a request) / to gape
Zhang Yang (1967-), PRC film director and screenwriter
to display ostentatiously / to bring out into the open / to make public / to spread around / flamboyant / brash
Zhangjiajie prefecture level city in Hunan, formerly Dayong 大庸
openly and without fear / brazenly
brash / insolent / frantic
with great fanfare
to think for oneself and act accordingly (idiom); to act on one's own initiative
flyer / leaflet / single-sheet (map etc)
to open up / to spread / to extend
to make public / to disclose
rampant / unbridled / arrogant / aggressive
to open a business / first transaction of a business day
A-Mei, aka Gulilai Amit (1972-), aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer
Zhang Xueliang (1901-2001) son of Fengtian clique warlord, then senior general for the Nationalists and subsequently for the People's Liberation Army
Eileen Chang (1920-1995), famous Chinese-American novelist
Chang Chen (1976-), Taiwanese film actor
to relax and expand / (physiology) diastole
Angela Chang (1982-), Taiwanese pop singer and actress
tensor (math.)
varicose veins
Zhang Fei (168-221), general of Shu and blood-brother of Liu Bei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, famous as fearsome fighter and lover of wine
Jacky Cheung or Hok Yau Jacky (1961-), Cantopop and film star
agape and tongue-tied (idiom); at a loss for words / gaping and speechless
to open one's eyes wide
Zhang the Third and Li the Fourth (idiom) / Tom, Dick and Harry
Leslie Cheung (1956-2003), Hong Kong singer and actor
Zhang Dejiang (1946-), PRC politician
Cecilia Cheung (1980-), Hong Kong actress and pop singer
Zhang Yi (1608-1695), prolific author and poet spanning interregnum between Ming and Qing
John Doe / Zhang San, name for an unspecified person, first of a series of three: 張三|张三, 李四, 王五 Tom, Dick and Harry
Zhang Qian (-114 BC), Han dynasty explorer of 2nd century BC
Zhang Ning (1975-), PRC female badminton player and Olympic gold medalist
Cho Chang (Harry Potter)
Zhang Ji (767-830), Tang Dynasty poet
Chang Dai-chien or Zhang Daqian (1899-1983), one of the greatest Chinese artists of the 20th century
Zhang Xun (1854-1923), Qing loyalist general who attempted to restore the abdicated emperor Puyi 溥儀|溥仪 to the throne in the Manchu Restoration of 1917 張勳復辟|张勋复辟
Zhang Xu (probably early 8th century), Tang dynasty poet and calligrapher, most famous for his grass script 草書|草书
Zhang Dan (1985-), Chinese figure skater
Zhang Xianzhong (1606-1647), leader of a late-Ming peasant revolt
Zhangdian District of Zibo city 淄博市, Shandong
to look around / to peep (through a crack) / to peer at / to throw a look at
Chamberlain (name) / Wilt Chamberlain (1936-1999), US basketball player
Maggie Cheung (1964-), Hong Kong actress
varicocele (medicine)
tense situation / standoff
Zhangjiagang county level city in Suzhou 蘇州|苏州, Jiangsu
Jang Song-taek (1946-2013), brother-in-law of Kim Jong-il 金正日, uncle and mentor of Kim Jong-un 金正恩, in 2013 accused of being a counter-revolutionary and executed
Zhang Bao (-184), leader of the Yellow Turban rebels during the late Han 漢朝|汉朝
lit. with swords drawn and bows bent (idiom); fig. a state of mutual hostility / at daggers drawn
Zhangjiakou prefecture level city in Hebei
Zhangjiagang county level city in Suzhou 蘇州|苏州, Jiangsu
Zhangjiakou prefecture level city in Hebei
to bare fangs and brandish claws (idiom); to make threatening gestures
lit. to restring one's bow / to reform and start over again
Zhangye prefecture level city in Gansu
(false) bravado / to bluff
diastolic blood pressure
Chinese poker
arrogant and despotic
Owari or Owari-no-kuni, Japanese fiefdom during 11th-15th century, current Aichi prefecture around Nagoya
to uphold (e.g. justice or virtue) / to promote
tension and relaxation
recalcitrant / unreasonable / peevish
Zhangjiajie prefecture level city in Hunan
to be decorated with lanterns and colored banners (idiom)
ostentation / extravagance
overweening attitude / threatening manner
Zhang Juzheng (1525-1582), Grand Secretary during the Ming dynasty, credited with bringing the dynasty to its apogee
Zhang Yimou (1950-), PRC film director
extravagance and waste (idiom)
lit. to put Zhang's hat on Li's head / to attribute sth to the wrong person (idiom) / to confuse one thing with another
Zhang Zuolin (c. 1873-1928), warlord of Manchuria 1916-1928
Zhang Zhidong (1837-1909), prominent politician in late Qing
Zhang Heng (78-139) great Han dynasty astronomer and mathematician
Zhang Zizhong (1891-1940), Chinese National Revolutionary Army general during the Second Sino-Japanese War
Zhangbei county in Zhangjiakou 張家口|张家口, Hebei
Zhang Bin (1979-), CCTV sports presenter
alarmed / flustered
to be troubled / to be concerned
to hang up (a picture, banner, mosquito net etc)
Zhang Tingyu (1672-1755), Qing politician, senior minister to three successive emperors, oversaw compilation of History of the Ming Dynasty 明史 and the Kangxi Dictionary 康熙字典
Zhangdian District of Zibo city 淄博市, Shandong
Zhang Guotao (1897-1979), Chinese communist leader in the 1920s and 1930s, defected to Guomindang in 1938
Zhang Dai (1597-c. 1684), late Ming scholar
Zhang Jingchu (1980-), PRC actress
surface tension

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