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family / household / CL: 戶|户, 個|个
  *庭* | 庭* | *庭
main hall / front courtyard / law court
flower garden
court of law
family member
domestic violence
to begin a (judicial) court session
single parent family
to appear in court
backyard / imperial harem / (slang) anus
middle of the forehead / imperial court / heaven
front courtyard / vestibule
public place with numerous people
Byzantium / Byzantine or Eastern Roman empire (395-1453)
as different as can be (idiom) / poles apart
Huang Tingjian (1045-1105), Song poet and calligrapher
court-martial / military tribunal
peer competition / to function as rivals / to make claims as an equal
International Court of Justice in The Hague
court hearing
Dongting Lake in northeast Hunan province
presiding judge
Huangting Jing, one of the primary scriptures of Daoism
to retire from the courtroom / to adjourn
civil court
home address
criminal court / abbr. for 刑事法庭
front court / courtyard
courtyard in front of a palace
criminal court
a family bereaved of its only child
tuition within family / education from father
Lateral Courts in the imperial palace (housing concubines and administrative offices
circuit court
variant of 朝廷
Michael Grant Ignatieff (1947-), leader of the Liberal Party of Canada
election court
bodies governing a border area
court / tribunal / courtroom
completely different
Inquisition (religion)
to improve one's family's social status by moving up in the world / to switch one's allegiance to a new patron
lit. Notes on passing the hall, historical jottings by 12th century Southern Song poet Fan Gongcheng 範公偁|范公偁, containing moral instructions derived from great men of Song dynasty
front yard as busy as a marketplace (idiom) / a place with many visitors
land-owning household
criminal court
very different
fenestra vestibuli (of inner ear)
rural household contract responsibility system, PRC government policy linking rural income to productivity
rock garden
Clarence Martin Wilbur (1908-1997), US Sinologist and Professor of Columbia University
International war crimes tribunal
(law) collegiate bench / panel of judges
The courtyard is deserted, you can net sparrows at the door (idiom); completely deserted
out-of-court (settlement)
double income family who have pets rather than children (see also 丁克)
to adjourn (law)

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