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  *幅* | 幅* | *幅
width / roll / classifier for textiles or pictures
width / extent / range / scope
a big margin / substantially
length (of a piece of writing) / space occupied on a printed page
by a wide margin / substantial
decline (in value) / extent of a drop
horizontal scroll / banner / streamer
not care about one's appearance (idiom) / slovenly in dress and manner
amount of reduction; size of discount
size (i.e. area) of a country, geographical region or school campus etc / (fig.) scope / extent
extremely large (of paintings, photographs etc)
amplitude modulation (AM) / size of an adjustment
painting / picture / dimension of a painting
vertical scroll / (advertising) vertical banner
fringes of cloth / (fig.) one's dress; one's appearance
growth rate / amplification
by a small margin / slightly (increase or decrease) / (of a painting or a piece of calligraphy) small
wall scroll (for painting or calligraphy) / banner
extent of a rise (in prices etc) / amount of increase / growth (typically expressed as a percentage)
extent of an increase / percentage rise
variant of 輻射|辐射
banner advertisement
banner / width of a flag
banner advertisement
slogan banner
limit up, limit down / limit on daily price variation
degree of reduction (in prices, numbers etc) / decline / drop

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