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assistance / aid / to help / to assist
  *幫* | 幫* | *幫
to help / to assist / to support / for sb (i.e. as a help) / hired (as worker) / side (of pail, boat etc) / outer layer / upper (of a shoe) / group / gang / clique / party / secret society
helper / assistant
to help / to lend a hand / to do a favor / to do a good turn
to help / to do a favor / (Shanghainese) Come on! / Give me a break!
bunch of gangsters / criminal gang / organized crime syndicate
pump (loanword)
gang / faction
low-top (shoes)
(TV or movie) blooper / continuity error / (theater) to flub one's lines / unintended exposure of a body part / to be exposed (of a scheme or trick) / to reveal sth one intended to conceal through a slip of the tongue / to blow one's cover
  *幇* | 幇* | *幇
old variant of 幫|帮
Gang of Four: Jiang Qing 江青, Zhang Chunqiao 張春橋, Yao Wenyuan 姚文元, Wang Hongwen 王洪文, who served as scapegoats for the excesses of the cultural revolution
high-top (shoes) / ankle-high shoes
to help / to assist financially
(brand) Pampers
beggars' union / a group of beggars
servant / domestic help
secret society / underworld gang
Bloods, street gang in USA
gang of bandits / criminal gang (formerly often used of political opponents)
variant of 幫凶|帮凶
Shanghainese food
mid-top (shoes)
to help with farm work / casual laborer
vocal accompaniment in some traditional Chinese operas / to speak in support of / to chime in
accomplice / accessory
to be more of a hindrance than a help
assist in managing / deputy
to be officious / to kibitz / to be meddlesome / to force one's help upon
to help one another / to aid
outer (of cabbage etc) / upper (of a shoe) / (coll.) group / gang
uppers of a shoe
cheek / upper (of a shoe)
help in the mess kitchen
caravan of horses carrying goods
to mentor
  *幚* | 幚* | *幚
old variant of 幫|帮
to pass on experience (to the next generation)
to help (sb do sth) / to assist (sb in doing sth)
forbearance / tolerance / patient help
to hang on to and serve the rich and powerful by literary hack work etc
side of boat or ship / gunwale
to travel together / thanks to
Crips (gang)
traditional secret society, Chinese equivalent of Freemasons
lit. short jacket party / working people / the toiling masses / blue collar workers
traditional secret society, Chinese equivalent of Freemasons

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