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to patrol (police, army or navy)
to go around / to roam / to tour
to make a pilgrimage (to visit a holy site) / to go on a sightseeing tour
  *巡* | 巡* | *巡
to patrol / to make one's rounds / classifier for rounds of drinks
(army, police) patrol
inspector-general of province in Ming and Qing times
to patrol
coast guard
cruise / patrol by a ship
to cruise
(theater etc) to tour / to be on tour / to give itinerant performances / abbr. for 巡迴演出|巡回演出
to patrol / to make a tour / to inspect / to scan with one's eyes
to go on an inspection tour
  *廵* | 廵* | *廵
variant of
to cruise / to patrol
patrol car
police patrol / patrol officer / police officer (old)
patrol boat
(theater etc) to tour / to be on tour / to give itinerant performances
patrol vessel / cutter
to patrol / policeman (in China's former foreign concessions)
cruise missile
to patrol at night, marking the time by sounding clappers or gongs
to patrol / to perambulate / to travel around within an area
circuit court
cruiser (warship) / battle cruiser
to draw back / to move back and forth / to hesitate / in an instant
survey meter
to hesitate to move forward / to balk / to jib
(eyes) to scan / to glance left and right / to scrutinize / also written 巡睃
anti-ship cruise missile
(old) police station in a foreign concession 租界
Roving Analysis Port / RAP
Qing Dynasty General Supervisory and Military Command

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