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to be classified as / to belong to / to be part of
metal / CL: 種|种
subsidiary / auxiliary / attached / affiliated / subordinate / subordinating
family member / (family) dependent
subordinate / underling
to belong or be dedicated exclusively to / proprietary / private / personal
one's affiliation (i.e. the organization one is affiliated with) / subordinate (i.e. those subordinate to oneself) / belonging to / affiliated / under one's command
attribute / property
  *屬* | 屬* | *屬
category / genus (taxonomy) / family members / dependents / to belong to / subordinate to / affiliated with / be born in the year of (one of the 12 animals) / to be / to prove to be / to constitute
  *屬* | 屬* | *屬
to join together / to fix one's attention on / to concentrate on
precious metal
to belong to / to be affiliated to / to fall under the jurisdiction of / a place where one feels that one belongs / one's final destination (where one need look no further)
to belong to (a category) / to be attached to
to be purely / pure and simple / sheer / outright
subordinate / affiliated to / subsidiary
to turn out to be true / verified / true
affiliated unit / subsidiary
heavy metal
kin / kindred / relatives
directly subordinate
French Guiana
nonmetal (chemistry)
colloquial term for 生肖 the animals associated with the years of a 12-year cycle
sense of belonging
troops under one's command / subordinate / affiliated to a ministry
family member / husband and wife
birth year as designated by animal symbols (mouse, ox, tiger etc)
American Samoa
non-ferrous metals (all metals excluding iron, chromium, manganese and their alloys)
British Virgin Islands
accessory / affiliated material / adjunct
dependency / possession / annexed territory
wholly owned subsidiary
it's yours exclusively (idiom) / you are the one / only you deserve it / only you can do it
metal wire
to set one's heart on / to set one's choice on
of this world
next of kin / immediate dependant
(to) really (be)
love will find a way (idiom)
French Polynesia
metal plate
official in feudal court / subject
metal rod
metal cover
British Columbia, Pacific province of Canada
vassal state
United States Virgin Islands (USVI)
belonging exclusively to / exclusively for / reserved to / special
surviving family of the deceased
right of attribution
ferrous metals (i.e. iron, chromium, manganese and alloys containing them)
Netherlands Antilles
dominant (music)
unaffiliated / non-party
Sint Maarten, island country in the Caribbean
variant of 屬相|属相
troops attached to a unit
rare earth element
subsidiary (company)
exclusive economic zone
attachment / appendage
to write prose
subordination / line of command
foil / Taiwan pr. [jin1 shu3 bo2 pian4]
file attribute
really not easy (idiom)
metalloid (chemistry)
metal fatigue
transition metal (chemistry)
genus Allium
Magnolia, genus of trees and shrubs
alkali metal
alkali metal
genitive case (in grammar)
metallic bond
family or dependents of martyr (in PRC, esp. revolutionary martyr)
palm tree genus (Areca spp.)
genus Tyrannosaurus
relative / family member / dependent
(old) subordinate / underling
alkaline earth (i.e. beryllium Be 鈹|铍, magnesium Mg 鎂|镁, calcium Ca 鈣|钙, strontium Sr 鍶|锶, barium Ba 鋇|钡 and radium Ra 鐳|镭)
Pyrus, tree genus containing pears
Porphyra (genus of edible seaweed)
genus Carex
symphonic metal (pop music) / heavy metal with symphonic pretensions
Brassica (cabbage genus)
pepper genus (Piper spp.)
genus Hippophae / sea-buckthorns
to treat a debility according to its nature
Styrax (tree genus) / snowdrop / benzoin
subordinate gland
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