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  *寶* | 寶* | *寶
jewel / gem / treasure / precious
darling / baby
treasured object / treasure / darling / baby / cowry / good-for-nothing or queer character
pearls / jewels / precious stones
treasure-house / treasury / treasure-trove (often fig., book of treasured wisdom)
precious stone / gem / CL: , 顆|颗
Alipay, online payment platform
SpongeBob SquarePants (US TV animated series, 1999-)
valuable / precious / to value / to treasure / to set store by
national treasure
treasure / CL:
Taobao Marketplace, a Chinese website for online shopping
Pokémon or Pocket Monsters, popular Japanese video game, anime and manga
canonical text / treasury (i.e. book of treasured wisdom)
treasure chest
precious mineral deposits / hidden treasure / (fig.) treasure / (Buddhism) the treasure of Buddha's law
the Three Precious Treasures of Buddhism, namely: the Buddha , the Dharma (his teaching), and the Sangha (his monastic order)
buffoon / clown / ridiculous person
treasure hunt
Baoshang District of Shanghai / Baoshan District of Shuangyashan city 雙鴨山|双鸭山, Heilongjiang / Baoshan or Paoshan township in Hsinchu County 新竹縣|新竹县, northwest Taiwan
Buddha's teaching / Buddhist monk's apparel, staff etc / (Daoism) magic weapon / talisman / fig. specially effective device / magic wand
Yuanbao district of Dandong city 丹東市|丹东市, Liaoning
a silver or gold ingot / mock ingot (burnt as offering in worship) / a name for ancient currency / a rare genius
Taiho (a Japanese era)
(archaic) throne
BMW (car company)
precious horse
Campbell (name) / Kampar, town in the state of Perak, Malaysia
(double-edged) sword / CL: ,
a mom (mother of a young child)
Bao'an district of Shenzhen City 深圳市, Guangdong
a treasure
sapphire blue
mama's boy
treasure bowl (mythology) / fig. source of wealth / cornucopia / gold mine
Bao'an district of Shenzhen City 深圳市, Guangdong
Lippo (Group) (Indonesian conglomerate)
Wong Kam-po (1973-), Hong Kong champion cyclist
plastic bottle
ushering in wealth and prosperity (idiom and traditional greeting, esp. at New Year); We wish you wealth and success!
Aquarius (star sign)
Baoshan or Paoshan township in Hsinchu County 新竹縣|新竹县, northwest Taiwan
Dongbao district of Jingmen city 荊門市|荆门市, Hubei
Baoji prefecture-level city in Shaanxi / called Chencang 陳倉|陈仓 in ancient times
to miss an opportunity (Cantonese)
roll-up banner stand
Opel (car brand)
money and valuables
most valuable treasure / most precious asset
second child / second baby
Baofeng county in Pingdingshan 平頂山|平顶山, Henan
Baoji prefecture-level city in Shaanxi / called Chencang 陳倉|陈仓 in ancient times
family heirloom
Baoshang district of Shanghai / Baoshan district of Shuangyashan city 雙鴨山|双鸭山, Heilongjiang
erhua variant of 寶貝|宝贝
gem / (fig.) rare and valuable item / gem / treasure
rice congee made with red beans, lotus seeds, longan, red dates, nuts etc
Po Lam (area in Hong Kong)
turbot / European imported turbot / same as 大菱鮃|大菱鲆
Procter & Gamble (consumer goods company)
Baoxing County in Ya'an 雅安, Sichuan
(brand) Pampers
Procter & Gamble
precious jade / treasures
PolyGram (record label)
folk theater consisting of recitation accompanied by clapper board rhythm
a dad (father of a young child)
king's palace / throne hall
precious darling (often refers to one's child) / sweetheart
portable charger / mobile power pack
Chinese treasure ship, a type of large sailing ship in the fleet of Ming dynasty admiral Zheng He 鄭和|郑和
Haibao, Expo 2010 mascot
Baosteel, China's largest steel maker
Wen Jiabao (1942-), Premier of PRC from 2003-2013
Lingbao county level city in Sanmenxia 三門峽|三门峡, Henan
Four Treasures of the Study, namely 筆|笔, , 紙|纸 and 硯|砚 / the essentials of calligraphy and scholarship (idiom)
Marlboro (cigarette)
Baoqing county in Shuangyashan 雙鴨山|双鸭山, Heilongjiang
Baoying county in Yangzhou 揚州|扬州, Jiangsu
Jia Baoyu, male character in The Dream of Red Mansions, in love with his cousin Lin Daiyu 林黛玉 but obliged to marry Xue Baochai 薛寶釵|薛宝钗
treasured book
to play yabao (a gambling game) / (fig.) to gamble on / to take one's chance / to try one's luck
Hall of Great Strength, main hall of a Buddhist temple containing the main image of veneration 大雄
(coll.) child in the womb
priceless treasure
treasure knife does not age (idiom); old but still vigorous
to show off / to put on a show to amuse others
Bollywood (film industry based in Mumbai, India)
imperial seal
variant of 尚方劍|尚方剑 / imperial sword (giving bearer arbitrary powers) / in fiction, Chinese version of 007's license to kill

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