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to examine / to investigate / to censor out / censorship
a trial / to try sb
to hear (a case)
esthetics / appreciating the arts / taste
to audit / to investigate thoroughly
to appraise / to evaluate / to judge
  *審* | 審* | *審
to examine / to investigate / carefully / to try (in court)
to audit / to examine finances
prudent / cautious
deliberation / pondering / due consideration
to look closely at / to examine
preliminary trial
to re-investigate / to investigate and reconsider a judgment
to examine and approve / to endorse
to review or peruse
jury / panel of judges
a re-examination / to have another look at sth
to screen and select (candidates etc)
on trial (for a crime) / to stand trial
final ruling
to examine sth and make a decision / to screen / to evaluate / to approve
esthetic conception / esthetic point of view / standard
court hearing
joint hearing / to review jointly (i.e. with other checkers)
to copy-edit / copy editor
inquest / trial / interrogation / to try / to interrogate
first instance (law)
awaiting trial
to judge the hour and size up the situation / to take stock
to commit sb for trial / to bring sb for interrogation
preliminary hearing / interrogation (of a suspect) / preliminary examination (of a project etc)
Court of Final Appeal
audit office / public accounts committee
public trial (in a court of law)
to hear a case again / review / retrial
to revise / to examine and revise
to report for judgment / to submit for approval
system of appeals (to higher court)
to interrogate / to examine / to question
to proof-read / to review (a text)
examination / to check and review
to act prudently / steering a cautious course
Special Jury Prize
to attend court / to take part in a trial
to deliberate and decide / to try and punish / trial and execution
to investigate / to examine closely
examine sb's political record / political investigation
grand jury
to observe and form a judgment
trial judge
to adjudicate / to finish a trial / to try and pass verdict
to review a judicial case / to reexamine
to bring to trial / to bring to court
appeal (to higher courts)
peer review
appreciating the arts / esthetic activity
court / tribunal / courtroom
jurisdiction / judicial authority
accountant / auditor
to check and revise
presiding judge
judge (in court)
to read (a draft) / to review
to examine
to interrogate
under interrogation (for a crime) / on trial
an eye for beauty / aesthetic judgment
to look at sth carefully / to examine
autumn trial (judicial hearing of capital cases during Ming and Qing)
Uxin or Wushen banner in southwest Ordos prefecture 鄂爾多斯|鄂尔多斯, Inner Mongolia
Uxin or Wushen banner in southwest Ordos prefecture 鄂爾多斯|鄂尔多斯, Inner Mongolia
judgment seat
the right to a fair trial
to examine the cadres / same as 審查幹部|审查干部
hearing (law)
esthetic pleasure
judgment bar
peer review
reviewer (of a paper)
criminal court
release from custody, subject to provision of a surety, pending investigation (PRC)
to examine and judge the situation

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