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to be afraid / to be scared
difficult to deal with / difficult to endure / ferocious / radical / serious / terrible / violent / tremendous / awesome
to injure / to harm
calamity / disaster / CL: 個|个
to jeopardize / to harm / to endanger / harmful effect / damage / CL: 個|个
to entrap / to set up / to frame (up) / to make false charges against
to persecute / persecution
terrible / formidable / serious / devastating / tough / capable / sharp / severe / fierce
  *害* | 害* | *害
to do harm to / to cause trouble to / harm / evil / calamity
shy / embarrassed / bashful
to encroach on / to infringe on
stakeholder / interested party / interested person
to suffer damage, injury etc / damaged / injured / killed / robbed
casualty / victim / those injured and wounded
harm / to damage / to impair
destructive / harmful / damaging
to harm sb / to inflict suffering / to victimize / pernicious
sexual assault (law)
to murder
to injure / to devastate / to slaughter
injurious insect / pest
to conspire to murder / to plot against sb's life
damage / harm / CL: 個|个
to kill / to cause death / to do sb to death
to be bashful / to feel ashamed
to kill sb / to murder
plant diseases and insect pests
to impair / damaging / harmful / a nuisance
to poison (harm with a toxic substance) / to poison (people's minds) / poisoning
light pollution (Tw)
insect pest / damage from insects
to cause or lead to sth bad
to be murdered
disaster / harm / scourge / bad person / to damage / to harm / to wreck
vital part / (fig.) key point / crucial
victim (of a wounding or murder)
personal injury
to trap / to frame
to injure
pros and cons / advantages and disadvantages / gains and losses
severe harm / critical danger
public hazard, nuisance
to cause a lot of trouble / to inflict much suffering
to injure
lit. a horse that brings trouble to its herd (idiom) / fig. troublemaker / black sheep / rotten apple
plant disease
to have morning sickness during pregnancy / to have a strong appetite for certain foods (during pregnancy)
to kill secretly / to stab in the back
environmental damage
to plot and kill sb for his property (idiom); to murder for money
stake / vital interest / concern
refrain from hurting others, yet guard against those trying to hurt you (proverb)
lit. the black horse of the herd / fig. troublemaker / the black sheep of the family
to fall sick / to contract an illness
to have bad consequences
to avoid damage
conflict of interest
(law) obstructing government administration
"the four pests", i.e. rats, flies, mosquitoes, and sparrows / see also 打麻雀運動|打麻雀运动
(agriculture) freezing injury
pest bird (esp. one that feeds on farm crops or newly hatched fish)
flood damage
frostbite / frost damage (to crop)
pest / vermin / animal that is harmful to crops or to another species / enemy / predator
harmful and without benefit (idiom); more harm than good
collateral damage (both as a legal term, and as a military euphemism)
natural disaster
to damage by calumny
to have eye trouble
to have disastrous consequences
emergency risk
to offend Heaven and reason (idiom); bloody atrocities that cry to heaven / outrageous acts
vermin / harmful animal
hazard assessment
secondary disaster (e.g. epidemic following floods)
damaged by slander
to have many advantages and no disadvantages
series of calamities / disaster following on disaster
to hit the nail on the head (idiom)
having no advantage whatsoever
to be of vital interest
sick with love
interested party
repetitive strain injury (RSI)
pest / evildoer
morning sickness during pregnancy / to be pregnant
green pest prevention and control / environmentally friendly methods of pest control and prevention
goblin that kills or harms people / fig. wicked scoundrel / terrible pest
to harm / to endanger
don't let rhetoric spoil the message (idiom); don't get carried away with flowery speech to the detriment of what you want to say
to rob the state and hurt the people (idiom)
jealous of the able, envious of the clever (idiom)

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