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to exist / to be / existence
  *存* | 存* | *存
to exist / to deposit / to store / to keep / to survive
to file / to save a file (computer) / saved data (for a video game etc)
stockpile / to store / to stockpile / storage
property or cash held in reserve / stock
to conserve / to preserve / to keep / to save (a file etc) (computing)
to store up / to stockpile / (computer) to save / to store / memory / storage
to store and retrieve (money, belongings etc) / (computing) to access (data)
to exist / to survive
to deposit / to store / to leave in sb's care
to deposit money (in a bank etc) / bank savings / bank deposit
to sequester / to seal up (for safe keeping) / to freeze (an account) / to mothball
passbook / bankbook
certificate of deposit / time deposit / abbr. for 定期存款
stock / inventory (of material)
to deposit money / to save money
extant / existent / in stock
internal storage / computer memory / random access memory (RAM)
to deposit / to store / to leave sth with sb
to deposit (e.g. in a bank account)
to save (a file) after options (name, location, format etc) have been selected by the user
to survive (a serious accident) / survival
cash in hand
to coexist
cache (computing)
to store / to deposit
latch (electronic)
to keep / to preserve / extant / to remain (from the past)
to continue to exist
(of food) to retain in stomach due to indigestion (TCM)
long-term coexistence
to survive (a disaster)
to exist at the same time / to coexist
foreign exchange reserves (Tw)
(computing) cache / buffer memory
to depend on sth for existence / dependent on
certificate of deposit
to survive / remnant
to exist forever
depositor (in bank or shares)
certificate of deposit
savings book / bank account passbook
(med.) survival rate / (med.) recovery rate
depository share / depository receipt (DR)
remaining / extant
piggy bank / coin bank / money box
(computing) flash memory
balance / cash in hand
storage device (computing)
savings deposits and loans
deposit-reserve ratio
random access memory (RAM)
only remaining of the great (idiom); one of the few greats extant
memory (computing)
Centrum (brand)
(of an aging woman) still attractive
to stockpile
compatibility / the possibility of mutual coexistence
everlasting / to endure forever
memory card
matter of life and death
tender / affectionate / tenderness
survival / the struggle to eke out a living / to seek for continued existence
warehouse / temporary store / left-luggage office / cloak-room
lit. to get rid of the weeds and keep the flowers / to separate the wheat from the chaff (idiom)
to live or die / to exist or perish
habitat / living environment
the name remains, but the reality is gone (idiom)
Save As ... (menu option in a software application)
random access memory (RAM)
to receive for storage / delivery of goods / to gather and store / to store safely / safe keeping
random access (memory)
USB flash drive / jump drive / thumb drive / memory stick
saver / investor / account holder
close friend in a distant land, far-flung realms as next door / close in spirit although far away
bank deposits and loans
to be discontented / to be dissatisfied
(computing) flash memory
remainder / balance
fixed deposit / time deposit / certificate of deposit (banking)
If sb has grasped the truth before you, take him as your teacher (Tang dynasty essayist Han Yu 韓愈|韩愈). / We should learn from one who knows the way.
processor register (computing)
trap (plumbing) / U-bend
demand deposit
to be suspicious
static memory
storage container for liquid or gas / gas holder
American depository receipt (ADR)
subsistence farming / subsistence agriculture
retained earnings
reserve requirement (finance)
parking lot (for bicycles)
to record and preserve
cache (computing)

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