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  *字* | 字* | *字
letter / symbol / character / word / CL: 個|个 / courtesy or style name traditionally given to males aged 20 in dynastic China
name (of a person or thing) / CL: 個|个
numeral / digit / number / figure / amount / digital (electronics etc) / CL: 個|个
caption / subtitle
character / script / writing / written language / writing style / phraseology / CL: 個|个
letter (of the alphabet) / CL: 個|个
traditional Chinese character
simplified Chinese character, as opposed to traditional Chinese character 繁體字|繁体字
(financial) deficit / red letter
font / typeface
character (computing)
single Chinese character / word (in a foreign language)
Chinese character dictionary (containing entries for single characters, contrasted with a 詞典|词典, which has entries for words of one or more characters) / (coll.) dictionary / CL:
number of written characters / number of words / word count
calligraphic style / typeface / font
characters and numbers (as used in a code) / alphanumeric code / serial number
character size / font size / fame / reputation / shop / name of a shop
to have difficulty remembering how to write Chinese characters
office building
letters or words / words or phrase
Chinese character / CL: 個|个 / Japanese: kanji / Korean: hanja / Vietnamese: hán tự
character (computing) (Tw)
to write characters
Zihui, Chinese character dictionary with 33,179 entries, released in 17th century
(computer) character repertoire / glossary, lexicon
to spell / spelling
to type
cross road / cross-shaped / crucifix / the character ten
incorrectly written or mispronounced characters
thong (underwear)
character string
Chinese character (Hanzi) / the native script used to write a nation's language
first letter of a word or serial number / first character of a Chinese word / first digit of a number / the top part (esp. a radical) of a Chinese character / the initial of a Chinese syllable
model or template character / written slogan or phrase / mention (e.g. "air mail" 航空 on a letter, "first draft" 初稿 on a document etc)
in a row / in a line
shop, firm, or brand of merchandise with a long-established reputation
felt-tip pen / roller ball pen / gel ink pen
the character 8 or / birthdate characters used in fortune-telling
Thousand Character Classic, 6th century poem used as a traditional reading primer
the Latin alphabet
brief note
alphabetical order
text only (webpage)
phonetic value of a character
text file
incorrect character / typo (in Chinese text)
between the words and the lines (idiom); implied meaning / connotations
to digitalize / digital
digital currency
the Kangxi Dictionary, named after the Kangxi Emperor, who in 1710 ordered its compilation, containing 47,035 single-character entries
Three Character Classic, 13th century reading primer consisting of Confucian tenets in lines of 3 characters
(slang) swearword / four-letter word
new character (in textbook) / character that is unfamiliar or not yet studied
initial letters
variant Chinese character
crossroads / intersection
to create Chinese characters / cf Six Methods of forming Chinese characters 六書|六书
(typography) ligature
thong (underwear)
form of a Chinese character / variant of 字型
the strokes of a character / calligraphy and painting
pyramid (building or structure)
ByteDance, Beijing-based Internet technology company, founded in 2012
pictogram (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书 of forming Chinese characters) / Chinese character derived from a picture / sometimes called hieroglyph
piece of paper with short note / short letter
copybook (for calligraphy)
(numeric, data) field
word formation
Shuowen Jiezi, the original Han dynasty Chinese character dictionary with 10,516 entries, authored by Xu Shen 許慎|许慎 in 2nd century
one's birth data for astrological purposes, combined from year, month, day, hour, heavenly trunk and earthly branch
Roman numerals
capital letters / uppercase letters
block (of data) / code word
digital network
word processing
shinjitai, simplified Japanese character used since 1946
cross / crucifix / yoke one has to endure
etymology (of a non-Chinese word) / origin of a character
standard form of a Chinese character / (Tw) traditional (i.e. unsimplified) characters
(written) in black and white
square face
everyday words
literary inquisition / official persecution of intellectuals for their writing
writing tablet / clipboard
character set
numeral / digit / counter
words / expressions / writing
homophonic characters
to use letters / to use words / diction
character root / word root / etymon
flip-flops / abbr. for 人字拖鞋
to practice writing characters

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