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  *嫌* | 嫌* | *嫌
to dislike / suspicion / resentment / enmity / abbr. for 嫌犯, criminal suspect
to be a suspect (in a crime) / to be suspected of
to avoid sb (out of dislike) / to turn one's back on sb / to ignore
suspicion / to have suspicions
criminal suspect
to loathe / to abhor / hatred / revulsion
prime, key or main suspect (law)
more than one would wish / somewhat / a bit too (old, contrived, distracting etc)
former hatred / bygone enmity
alleged killer (or attacker) / suspect in a case of violent crime
to avoid arousing suspicion
a suspect
to forget previous differences / to bury the hatchet
(criminal) suspect
to forget former enmity (idiom)
unpleasant / disagreeable
suspected thief (Tw)
disagreeable / hateful / a pain in the neck
to forget bad feelings / to mend a relationship
a suspect
grievance / hatred
to loathe
hostility / animosity
a son won't abandon his mother for being ugly, just as a dog won't abandon its owner for being poor (proverb)
to choose sth over another to suit one's own convenience
to favor the rich and disdain the poor (idiom) / snobbish
to choose sth over another to suit one's own convenience
to avoid arousing suspicions
old grudge / long-standing resentment

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