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excited / excitement / (physiology) excitation
hardworking / diligent
to strive / to struggle
to stir oneself up / to raise one's spirits / to inspire
to do everything one can / to spare no effort / to strive
excited / stimulated
inspiring / exciting / rousing
to rouse to vigorous action / energetic mood
to volunteer for / to offer to undertake
Fenchihu, town in Chiayi County, Taiwan
to fight bravely / (fig.) to struggle / to work hard
  *奮* | 奮* | *奮
to exert oneself (bound form)
to work energetically for prosperity (of the country)
aroused / excited
to dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety (idiom); undaunted by dangers / regardless of perils
to advance bravely / to endeavor
dauntless / to summon up courage and determination / using extreme force of will
to make an effort / to push for sth / to work hard
stimulant / doping (in athletics)
lit. lone army putting up a brave fight (idiom) / fig. (of a person or group of people) struggling hard without support
to struggle arduously
to rise vigorously / a spirited start
to write at a tremendous speed
to make an effort to become strong (idiom); determined to do better / to pull one's socks up
to catch up vigorously / to set off in hot pursuit
Space Shuttle Endeavor
diligent / assiduous
anti-doping / anti-stimulant / policy against drugs in sports
Zou Taofen (1895-1944), journalist, political theorist and publisher
to spread wings and fly
moved and inspired / fired with enthusiasm
peak of excitement / orgasm
buoyant / high-spirited / vigorous
to roll up one's sleeves for action
a show of strength
to prove one's worth through firm resolve (idiom)
genius comes from hard effort / Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration (Thomas Edison)

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