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  *夜* | 夜* | *夜
to stay up late or all night
  *亱* | 亱* | *亱
variant of
day and night / period of 24 hours / continuously, without stop
night market
nighttime / evening or night (e.g. classes)
night / CL: 個|个
very late at night
evening school / night school
midnight snack / late-night snack
midnight / in the middle of the night
to spend the night / overnight
night life
nightclub / nightspot
overnight / of the previous day
night shift
day and night / around the clock
tuberose / Cestrum nocturnum, see also 夜香木
(Tw) evening program (at a college) / night school
tonight / this evening
during the night / at night / nighttime
night scene / the dim light of night
night walk / night departure / nocturnal
night sky
every night
night vision
all night long
to go to some place at night / to take a night trip to (a place) / to sleepwalk
owl / (fig.) night owl
curtain of night / gathering darkness
nighttime snack / late-night supper
long dark night / fig. long period of misery and oppression
moonlit night
to buy an all-night package / (esp.) to book a prostitute for the night
last night
yaksha (malevolent spirit) (loanword) / (fig.) ferocious-looking person
evening show (at theater etc)
to be on all-night duty / to be on night watch / to keep a vigil
The Arabian Nights (classic story)
fantasy story
The Book of One Thousand and One Nights
(lit. and fig.) overnight
the whole night / all through the night
nocturne (music)
white night
night terror / sleep terror
night attack
nightjar (nocturnal bird in the family Caprimulgidae)
in the depth of night / late at night
that very night / through the night / for several nights in a row
midnight snack
the eve / the night before
the whole night
variant of 夜宵
endless night (idiom); fig. long suffering
Inuyasha, fictional character
night vision device
evening college (abbr. for 夜大學|夜大学)
lunar New Year's Eve
Midsummer night's dream, comedy by William Shakespeare 莎士比亞|莎士比亚
to raise a lantern and fight at night (idiom); fig. to work into the night / to burn the midnight oil
in the depth of the night / very late at night
to be on night duty
day and night / regardless of the time of day or night
on that night
that very night / the same night
day and night / round-the-clock
first half of the night / time before midnight
first half of the night (from nightfall to midnight)
early evening / wedding night / (fig.) first sexual encounter
night and day (idiom); continuous strenuous effort
the middle of the night
wedding night
to become popular overnight
to stay out all night (idiom)
darkness fell (falls, had fallen etc)
New Year's Eve family dinner
to burn the midnight oil / to work late into the night
small barbarian kingdom in southern China during the Han dynasty
endless night (idiom); fig. long suffering
to travel day and night
in the dead of night (idiom)
on night duty
late at night / in the dead of night
(bird species of China) black-crowned night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax)
one night stand
lit. Yelang thinks highly of itself (idiom) / fig. foolish conceit
to be sleepless all night
to rise early and sleep late (idiom); to work hard / to study diligently / to burn the candle at both ends
nocturnal / to hide by day and come out at night

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