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  *壺* | 壺* | *壺
pot / classifier for bottled liquid
kettle / canteen / watering can
teapot / CL:
coffee pot / coffee maker
snuff bottle
wine pot / wine cup
electric kettle (Tw)
jade pot for cold water / curling (sport) / curling puck
kettlebell, girya
chamber pot
spray bottle
watering can / sprinkling can
pelican / same as 鵜鶘|鹈鹕
pot of boiling water
French press / press pot
lit. mention the pot that doesn't boil (idiom); to touch a sore spot / to talk about sb's weak point
(literary) to practice medicine / to work as a pharmacist
practice medicine or pharmacy to help the people or public
ancient banquet game of throwing arrows into a pot, the winner determined by the number of arrows thrown in, and the loser required to drink as punishment
vacuum flask / thermos flask
Huguan county in Changzhi 長治|长治, Shanxi
Huguan county in Changzhi 長治|长治, Shanxi
water clock / clepsydra
fabled island in Eastern sea, abode of immortals / same as Penglai 蓬萊|蓬莱
electric kettle
to receive troops with food and drink (idiom) / to give troops a hearty welcome / also pr. [dan1 si4 hu2 jiang1]
French press / press pot
bed urinal / chamber pot
jade ice jug and autumn moon (idiom, from poem by Song writer Su Dongpo 蘇東坡|苏东坡); fig. spotless white and pure / flawless person
a ceramic teapot
coffee percolator
pelican / same as 鵜鶘|鹈鹕
water container for an ink slab

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