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airport / airfield / (slang) service provider for Shadowsocks or similar software for circumventing Internet censorship / CL: , 處|处
  *場* | 場* | *場
threshing floor / classifier for events and happenings: spell, episode, bout
  *場* | 場* | *場
large place used for a specific purpose / stage / scene (of a play) / classifier for sporting or recreational activities / classifier for number of exams
marketplace / market (also in abstract)
public square / plaza
playground / sports field / drill ground / CL: 個|个
the scene (of a crime, accident etc) / (on) the spot / (at) the site
position / standpoint / CL: 個|个
location / place
at the scene / on the spot
situation / occasion / context / setting / location / venue
scene / spectacle / occasion / situation
market / store / mall (usually specializing in a particular product category such as furniture)
shopping mall / shopping center / department store / emporium / CL: / the business world
space / site / place / sports pitch
the number of showings of a movie, play etc / screening / performance
everyone present / the whole audience / across-the-board / unanimously / whole duration (of a competition or match)
to show up / present (at the scene)
to go on stage / fig. to appear on the scene / used in advertising to mean new product
home ground (sports) / home field / main venue / main stadium
workplace / workforce (of a nation or industry etc) / job market
scene / scenario / setting
to enter the venue / to enter the arena / (aviation) to approach the airfield / (investing) to get into the market
to be present / to be on the scene
battlefield / CL: 個|个
parking lot / car park
to reserve all the seats (or a large block of seats) at a theater, restaurant etc
theater / CL: 個|个
stock market / stock exchange
to enter the venue for a meeting / to enter into an examination / to enter a stadium, arena etc
to leave (the stage, an exam room, the playing field etc) / to take part in some activity / to take an examination (in the imperial examination system)
the end / to conclude
hypermarket / large warehouse-like self-service retail store
stadium / sports ground / court / pitch / field / golf course / CL: 個|个, 處|处
pasture / grazing land / ranch
half of a game or contest / half-court
sporting venue / arena
international airport
meeting place / place where people gather / CL: 個|个
market price
stadium / CL: 個|个,
special performance
the end / an ending / to wind down / to conclude
Times Square
(of a performer) to come onto the stage to perform / (of an athlete) to enter the arena to compete / (fig.) to enter the scene (e.g. a new product) / (of an examinee etc) to leave the venue
market research
end (of a performance or sports match) / last round of testing in the imperial examinations
shooting range / range
market economy
sandpit / battleground / battlefield
farmer's market
to clear (a place) / to evacuate
football field / soccer field
away-game arena / away-game venue
evening show (at theater etc)
racetrack / field (for athletics competition)
basketball court
financial market
flea market
on-the-spot live broadcast
golf course
exchange / trading floor
exam room
exam room
place of entertainment / casino / resort
airport / (slang) flat chest / CL: 處|处
financial market
food market
to begin / to open / to start / beginning of an event
Taoist or Buddhist rite / abbr. for 菩提道場|菩提道场
on-the-spot meeting
qi field (qigong) / aura / atmosphere
tennis court
scene of the crime
on stage / to go on stage / to take the field
ostentation / a show of extravagance / grand style / red tape
stage wait / (fig.) awkward silence
outside world / society
outer area (of a place that has an inner area) / dining area of a restaurant (as opposed to the kitchen) / outfield (baseball etc) / area outside a venue (e.g. exterior of a stadium) / field (maintenance, testing etc) / (Chinese opera) the area in front of the table on the stage
to make up and go on stage (idiom); to embark on a career (esp. in politics or crime)
use / application / Taiwan pr. [yong4 chang2]
target market
to cheer on (originally esp. as paid stooge) / to root for sb / to sing sb's praises / to flatter
sports field / playground / exercise yard
forestry station / forest management area
shopping mall
stadium / playing field for a competition
Beijing Capital International Airport
market competition
place of entertainment
the scene of a fire
to leave a place where some event is taking place / (of an actor) to exit / (sports) to leave the field / (of an audience) to leave
magnetic field
Macau International Airport
driving range (golf) / practice court / practice ground

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