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address / CL: 個|个
website / web address / URL
  *址* | 址* | *址
location / site / foundation of a building
email address
factory site / location
ruins / historic relics
business address
former site / old location
delivery address
home address
original location
webaddress / URL
relative address (computing)
to select a suitable site / site / location
mail address
destination address / target address
absolute address (computing)
old site / site of sth (palace, ancient state etc) that no longer exists
to address / to search for address / to input data into memory
foundation / footing / base / ruins (of a historical building)
boundary (of a piece of land or territory)
  *阯* | 阯* | *阯
foundation of a building (variant of ) / islet (variant of )
broadcast address
Banpo neolithic Yangshao culture archaeological site east of Xi'an 西安
Hemudu neolithic archaeological site near Ningbo 長江|长江 in Zhejiang, going back to c. 5000 BC
stack address (computing)
destination address
(computing) network address translation
addressable (computing) / accessible via an address
return address
ruins of capital city of King Helu of Wu, from 6th century BC, at modern Wuxi, Jiangsu
Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) (telecommunications)
address resolution protocol / ARP
uniform resource locator (URL), i.e. web address
ruins of Cherchen, Qarqan or Chiemo, archaeological site in Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture 巴音郭楞蒙古自治州, Xinjiang
multicast address / multistation address
source address

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