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  *在* | 在* | *在
(located) at / (to be) in / to exist / in the middle of doing sth / (indicating an action in progress)
now / at present / at the moment / modern / current / nowadays
just at (that time) / right in (that place) / right in the middle of (doing sth)
really / actually / indeed / true / real / honest / dependable / (philosophy) reality
to be in / to lie in / to consist in / to depend on / to rest with
to exist / to be / existence
to care about / equivalent of 在於|在于
inner / internal / intrinsic / innate
to have as its purpose / to be intended to / to aim to (do sth)
to be employed / to be in post / on-the-job
(included) in it / among them
hidden / potential / latent
under / myself (humble)
place / location / (after a noun) place where it is located
to be present / to be on the scene
up until now / to date
not to be present / to be out / (euphemism) to pass away / to be deceased
to care about / to mind
free / unrestrained / comfortable / at ease
near at hand / imminent / within sight
even now / until now / right up to the present
to pay no attention to / not to mind
in my opinion
to be alive
before then / up until that point
to pay attention to / to care about / to attach importance to
not in the least concerned (idiom) / reckless / couldn't give a damn about it / unperturbed / couldn't care less / harum scarum
set up on high (idiom); not in touch with reality / aloof and remote
outer / excluded
to be almost within reach / to be close at hand
where? / what place?
to be situated at / to find oneself at
to be adept at sth / to be an expert in a trade or profession
really does not care
(in the expression 看在的份上) for the sake of ... / considering ...
not to care
to be with
to be nothing difficult / to be a cinch
to come first / previous / prior / beforehand / first / formerly
luckily / fortunately
on the throne / reigning (monarch)
now / at the present
alongside / nearby
within China / during one's visit to China
external / extrinsic
soul and spirit of the deceased
free and at leisure (idiom); unfettered / outside the reach of the law (of criminal) / at large
there are plenty of such people
ahead / formerly / in the past
to be dead / to have passed away
inner beauty
to take pleasure in sth (idiom)
pressing in on one's eyelashes (idiom); imminent
potential threat / potential menace
to care about / to take seriously / to take to heart
after this / from then on
located at / set up in a particular location
opposition party
to be at large (of a criminal)
to be out of form / not to be oneself
location / site
to keep in mind / to store in one's heart / to remember perfectly
to be everywhere
to be a believer (in a religion, esp. Islam)
in imminent peril (idiom) / on the brink of crisis
(adverbial expression indicating that the attention of the subject of the verb is focused on what they are doing, not distracted by anything else) / just ...ing (and nothing else)
the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind (idiom, from Daoist classic Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子); to pursue a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger
at leisure
free and easy (idiom); carefree / leisurely
on-the-job training
words still ringing in one's ears (idiom)
to be present
hereto / here
to observe / to take it all in
to be out of (political) office / to be out of power
to get together
present participle (in English grammar)
to possess / to be occupied or burdened with (work, a contract, a lawsuit)
uneasy / ill at ease
victory is in sight
sitting (currently serving, e.g. board members)
Moon Jae-in (1953-), Korean politician and human rights lawyer, president of Korea from 2017
(fig.) to hold in one's hands / to be within grasp
to be unavoidable (idiom)
at gunpoint
right under one's nose / right in front of one's eyes / close at hand / imminent
absent-minded / preoccupied / inattentive / with one's thoughts wandering
reasonable / sensible
vivid in one's mind (idiom)
to keep saying (sth) over and over

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