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  *圖* | 圖* | *圖
diagram / picture / drawing / chart / map / CL: 張|张 / to plan / to scheme / to attempt / to pursue / to seek
image / picture / photograph / CL: 張|张
books (in a library or bookstore) / CL: , 冊|册,
route map / roadmap (also fig.)
library / CL: , 個|个
image / picture / graphic
line drawing / diagram / line graph
icon (computing)
sticker (social messaging) (Tw)
candlestick chart
to draw / to draft / drawing / drafting
chart / diagram
design / pattern
a plan / a planar graph / a plane figure
illustration / diagram / graphical representation / to explain with the aid of a diagram
a sketch / rough drawing
picture / figure / diagram / graph / depiction / graphical
(art) composition
scatter diagram / distribution chart / histogram
jigsaw puzzle
to attempt / to try
screenshot (computing)
slide show / photo gallery (on website)
stamp / seal / CL:
sketch / schematic diagram / graph
to attempt / to try / attempt / CL: 種|种
Seattle, Washington State
icon (computing)
drawing / picture
domain / territory
diagram / blueprint
totem (loanword)
national library
to map / to chart / to draft / mapmaking / charting
rendering (visual representation of how things will turn out)
atlas / CL: ,
intent / intention / to intend
cartographic / graphics
legend (of a map, etc) / diagram / illustration / graphical symbol
elevation (architectural drawing)
flow chart
to draw designs, maps etc / picture (e.g. of life in the city)
graphics card
line graph / line diagram
jigsaw puzzle
Tuva, a republic in south-central Siberia, Russia
to try hard to / to strive to
topographic map
layer (imaging)
scatter plot
blueprint / drawing / design plans / graph paper
Juventus, Italian football team
mind map
Turing Award
world map
electrocardiogram (ECG)
computer graphics
to retouch images / image retouching
scatter diagram / distribution chart / histogram
three-dimensional figure / hologram / stereogram
pie chart
bar chart
expansion plan / development graph
mind map
wall chart
Plato (c. 427-c. 347 BC), Greek philosopher
ambition / ambitious
archive of graphics (e.g. maps, documents or botanical figures) / atlas / collection of illustrations or sheet music
line chart
line chart
satellite photo
printing plate bearing an image (illustration, photo etc) / print made with such a plate
bird's-eye view / see also 俯瞰圖|俯瞰图
to covet / to seek (riches, fame)
blueprint / to make a blueprint
sketch / sketch map / thumbnail picture
engineering graphics / technical drawing
collection of maps / atlas
Alan Turing (1912-1954), English mathematician, considered as the father of computer science
engineering graphics / technical drawing
to trace
variant of 宏圖|宏图
major undertaking / vast plan / grand prospect
(Internet slang) to photoshop a picture / photoshopped picture
image processing
picture / image / diagram / map
illustrated handbook
perspective drawing
flowchart / block diagram
histogram / bar chart
Tours (city in France)
Stuttgart city in southwest Germany and capital of Baden-Württemberg 巴登·符騰堡州|巴登·符腾堡州
vector graphics (computer)

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