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  *圈* | 圈* | *圈
to confine / to lock up / to pen in
  *圈* | 圈* | *圈
pen (pig) / a fold
  *圈* | 圈* | *圈
circle / ring / loop / classifier for loops, orbits, laps of race etc / CL: 個|个 / to surround / to circle
commercial district / business district
to draw a circle / cliques / circles
aperture / diaphragm / halo / aureole
solenoid (electrical engineering) / coil
Moments (social networking function of smartphone app WeChat 微信)
wheel rim / underwire (in a bra)
show business
wireless (bra)
to spread litter in a cowshed, pigsty etc
washer (on bolt) / toilet seat
trap / snare / trick
wreath / garland
circle / ring / (social) circle
close circle / community / (esp.) the show business milieu
to rotate / to twirl / to run around / to encircle / rotation / (coll.) to speak indirectly / to beat about the bush
onion ring
pigsty (lit. and fig.)
rim of the eye / eye socket
collar (animal)
sphere of cultural influence
remarkable (performance, achievement etc) / worthy of praise
Arctic Circle
fan club
rubber ring / gasket
number of laps
government circle / political circle
biosphere / ecosphere
to go around one time / to do a circuit
induction coil / solenoid
to muck out / to clean muck from a cowshed, pigsty etc
to go around in circles / to make a detour / (fig.) to beat about the bush
to mark a text with dots and circles / to punctuate
rushing to stake one's claim in new markets
great circle (in spherical geometry)
to scam / to set a trap / to set up a scheme to defraud people
smoke ring
crop circle
jumping through hoops (as acrobatic show)
spring washer
Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, Japanese wartime slogan for their short-lived Pacific Empire, first enunciated by Prime Minister Prince KONOE Fumimaro 近衛文麿|近卫文麿 in 1938
annotations made in a book / fig. remarks and comments / to have an opinion on everything
the earth's ocean / the hydrosphere (geology)
(Internet slang) dazed / confused
bow-legged / bandy-legged
to fall in a trap
Enclosure Movement
to be on the verge of tears
XO ("extra old"), grade of cognac quality
ring around the moon / lunar halo / solar halo
hula hoop (loanword)
Bayuquan District of Yingkou City 營口市|营口市, Liaoning
ring / hoop
line of latitude / parallel
pen / animal yard
round frame of a sieve
at symbol, @
(slang, jocular, neologism c. 2006, used esp. in relation to public figures) the things you and your friends get up to (misbehavior, scandals etc) leave me shaking my head
(planet) atmosphere / (medical) air ring / air cushion
to play mahjong
asthenosphere (geology)
dark circles (under one's eyes) / black eye
Bayuquan district of Yingkou City 營口市|营口市, Liaoning
line of longitude / meridian (geography)
Rogowski coil
lithosphere (in geology, the rigid crust of the earth)
life buoy / life belt / (jocularly) flab / spare tire
line of latitude / parallel
ferrule / ring toss
Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS)
staking a claim to territory / enclosure
to overstep the norm / to go out of bounds
hula hoop (loanword)
to encircle / to go around / to circle / to beat about the bush
solenoid (electrical engineering) / coil
a quarrel in which third parties get involved
erhua variant of 羅圈|罗圈
to bow around with hands joined (to people on all sides)
asthenosphere (geology)
vicious circle / (abnormal) phenomenon
at symbol, @
Stonehenge stone circle

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