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(of systems, facilities etc) comprehensive / well-developed / excellent / to refine / to improve
  *善* | 善* | *善
good (virtuous) / benevolent / well-disposed / good at sth / to improve or perfect
to make better / to improve / CL: 個|个
benevolent / charitable
to be good at using (sth) / to put (sth) to good use
appropriate / proper
Shanhua town in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
good and honest / kindhearted
to do good works / to be merciful
truth, goodness and beauty
kindness / benevolence / philanthropy / virtuous intentions
to be good at / to be adept at
to be good at
goodwill ambassador
goodwill / benevolence / kindness
to deal with the aftermath (arising from an accident) / funeral arrangements / reparations
to treat well
Jiashan county in Jiaxing 嘉興|嘉兴, Zhejiang
contributions / donations
good deeds
To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools (idiom). Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job
good and evil / good versus evil
beautiful and good
good actions
To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools (idiom). Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job
fickle / mercurial / changeable / capricious / to be apt to change
to improve relations
good karma
perfect (idiom); perfection / the best of all possible worlds / as good as it gets
fair wind
Jiashan county in Jiaxing 嘉興|嘉兴, Zhejiang
to be good at understanding others (idiom)
Centrum (brand)
philanthropist / charitable person / well-doer
charity organization
the more the better
melancholy and moody (idiom); depressed personality
to cherish wealth
thoughtfulness / wholesome thinking (Buddhism)
philanthropist / humanitarian / charity donor
to leave the matter at that / to be prepared to let go / to be willing to take things lying down
to be brave and good at fighting (idiom)
can sing and dance (idiom); fig. a person of many talents
Shanhua town in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
to guide patiently and systematically (idiom)
kind brows, pleasant eyes (idiom); amiable looking / benign-faced
lay practitioners of Buddhism
kind and charitable
long sleeves help one dance beautifully (idiom); money and power will help you in any occupation
to be of service to others / to help others / benevolent
old book / good book / reliable book / rare book
to choose what is good and hold fast to it (idiom)
white lie
to renounce evil and turn to virtue (idiom)
to praise the virtue of sb or sth while concealing their faults
Yongshan county in Zhaotong 昭通, Yunnan
kindhearted / good-natured
forgetful / amnesia
virtue has its reward, evil its retribution
Alxa league, a prefecture-level subdivision of Inner Mongolia
glib of tongue (idiom) / eloquent
sensitive / emotional
expert at appointing people according to their abilities (idiom) / to put the right people in the right places
to uphold virtue and condemn evil (idiom)
Piqan county or Pichan nahiyisi in Turpan prefecture 吐魯番地區|吐鲁番地区, Xinjiang
good words
the finest place in the nation (often used in reference to the capital city) / also written 首善之地
doing good deeds brings the greatest joy (idiom)
where there's a start, there's a finish (idiom); to finish once one starts sth / to carry things through / I started, so I'll finish.
to have a mean-looking face but a heart of gold (idiom)
to improve communications
eloquent / good at arguing
a raffle (for charity)
to cooperate in a charity project
bad / ill / not good at / not to be pooh-poohed / quite impressive
Yongshan county in Zhaotong 昭通, Yunnan
turn away from evil and follow virtue
to choose the right course and follow it (idiom)
the theory of Mencius that people are by nature good
He who comes is surely ill-intentioned, no-one well-meaning will come (idiom). / Be careful not to trust foreigners. / Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!
Yun Poseon (1897-1990), South Korean Democratic party politician, mayor of Seoul from 1948, president 1960-1962
to attain perfection (idiom)
to encourage virtue and punish evil (idiom); fig. poetic justice / you get what's coming to you
false compassion / bogus charity
resourceful and decisive / resolute and sagacious
articulate / eloquent
optimal / the best
to distinguish good and evil (idiom); to uphold virtue and condemn evil / to praise good and expose vice

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