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  *咬* | 咬* | *咬
to bite / to nip
  *齩* | 齩* | *齩
variant of
lit. to bite the teeth tightly (idiom); fig. to grit one's teeth and bear the pain / to bite the bullet
to clench one's teeth / to grind the teeth / gnaw
gnashing one's teeth (idiom); displaying extreme anger / fuming with rage between gritted teeth
sting / bite (of insect)
bite (e.g. snake bite, mosquito bite)
to make a false countercharge
whispering in sb's ear
to bite
(of uneven surfaces) to fit together / (of gear wheels) to mesh / (dentistry) occlusion / bite
to pronounce (clearly or otherwise) / to enunciate
to tear at (with the teeth, like one animal attacking another)
to arbitrarily assert / to allege / to stick to one's statement / to cling to one's view
to assert / to insist that
dog-eat-dog / dogfight
see 刈包
to commit suicide by biting off one's tongue
to bite words and chew characters (idiom); punctilious about minutiae of wording
(coll.) to whisper in sb's ear
bitten-lips look (darker lipstick applied on the inner part of the lips, and lighter on the outer part)
to nibble
to chew / to masticate / to ruminate / to mull over
a dog biting Lü Dongbin (idiom) / to ill reward a person's kindness
bite scar
(of fish) to bite
to gnaw
Cheng Yaojin (589-665), aka 程知節|程知节, Chinese general of the Tang dynasty
onychophagia (nail biting)
lit. the dog that bites doesn't show its teeth (idiom) / fig. the most sinister of people can look quite harmless
(bird species of China) orange-breasted trogon (Harpactes oreskios)
(bird species of China) red-headed trogon (Harpactes erythrocephalus)
lit. the dog that bites does not show its fangs (idiom) / fig. You can't tell the really dangerous enemy from his external appearance.
(bird species of China) Ward's trogon (Harpactes wardi)
lit. Cheng Yaojin ambushes the enemy (saying) / fig. sb shows up unexpectedly and disrupts the plan / sb whose presence is regarded as irksome
once bitten by a snake, ten years in fear of a well rope / once bitten, twice shy (idiom)
bitten by a snake in one year, fears the well rope for ten years (idiom); once bitten twice shy
variant of 咬嚙|咬啮 / to gnaw

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