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lucky / auspicious / propitious
  *吉* | 吉* | *吉
surname Ji / abbr. for Jilin Province 吉林省
  *吉* | 吉* | *吉
lucky / giga- (meaning billion or 10^9)
Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia
guitar (loanword) / CL:
(slang) (Tw) close friend / best pal / to get along well / to be tight / congenial
Ji'an or Chi'an township in Hualien County 花蓮縣|花莲县, east Taiwan
Kyrgyz / Kyrgyzstan
Kiribati (formerly the Gilbert Islands) (Tw)
Ji'an prefecture-level city in Jiangxi / also Ji'an County / Ji'an or Chi'an township in Hualien County 花蓮縣|花莲县, east Taiwan
Jimmy, Jimmie or Jimi (name)
Geely, Chinese car make
auspicious / lucky / propitious
Godzilla (Tw)
Don Quixote / also written 堂吉訶德|堂吉诃德
Jilin province (Kirin) in northeast China, abbr. , capital 長春|长春 / also Jilin prefecture-level city, Jilin province
very auspicious / extremely lucky
ringgit (Malaysian currency unit)
Yoshida (Japanese surname and place name)
Jeddah (Saudi city, on Red Sea)
Yanji county level city, capital of Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture 延邊朝鮮族自治州|延边朝鲜族自治州, Jilin
cheese (loanword) / custard powder / (literary) man (laudatory) / person of virtue
misfortune turns to blessing (idiom); to turn an inauspicious start to good account
everything bodes ill, no positive signs (idiom); inauspicious / everything points to disaster
Genghis Khan (1162-1227), founder and ruler of the Mongol Empire
Darjeeling, town in India
to close down a business for good and put the best face on it (idiom)
Virginia, US state (Tw)
Jeep (car brand)
guitar tablature
Gillette (brand)
breaded and fried cutlet (loanword via Cantonese)
Virginia, US state (Tw)
Chihuahua (dog)
good and bad luck (in astrology)
jeep (military vehicle) (loanword)
great luck, great profit (idiom); everything is thriving
Georgia (country)
electric guitar
Studio Ghibli, Japanese film studio
Chucky, murderous villain of the 1988 US horror movie "Child's Play"
guitar player
Gene (name)
England (historical loan, from English)
propitious day / lucky day
Yongji county in Jilin prefecture 吉林, Jilin province
a guitar
kapok (Ceiba pentandra)
Phuket (city in Thailand)
Burkina Faso (Tw)
older man / man of mature years (Japanese loanword)
auspicious / propitious / good fortune
Tajik ethnic group / Tajikistan, former Soviet republic adjoining Xinjiang and Afghanistan
Guinness (name)
fine time, lucky day (idiom); fig. good opportunity
Winston Churchill (1874-1965), UK politican and prime minister 1940-1945 and 1951-1955 / surname Churchill
Kedah, state of northwest Malaysia, capital Alor Star 亞羅士打|亚罗士打
Wanglaoji (beverage brand)
angel (loanword)
auspicious event
variant of 弗吉尼亞州|弗吉尼亚州 / Virginia, US state
Gilbert (name)
everything is fine (idiom); all is well with the world
Jishou county level city and capital of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 湘西土家族苗族自治州, Henan
TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi (1536-1598), Japanese warlord, undisputed ruler of Japan 1590-1598
Xiji county in Guyuan 固原, Ningxia
to steal away / to beat it
English Channel
mother (Mongolian)
Virgil or Vergilius (70-19 BC), Roman poet and author of the Aeneid 埃涅阿斯紀|埃涅阿斯纪
JUSCO, Japanese chain of hypermarkets
Virginia, US state
title of the temporary position in the Hanlin Academy, conferred to meritorious candidates until the next examination
Gujarat, state in west India
Don Quixote
Gillard (name)
Changji Hui autonomous prefecture 昌吉回族自治州, Xinjiang
jitterbug (loanword)
Anji county in Huzhou 湖州, Zhejiang
Gyirong county, Tibetan: Skyid grong rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet
Muhammad Naguib (1901-1984), first president of the Republic of Egypt
Gujarat, state in west India
Ji'an county in Ji'an 吉安, Jiangxi
haji or hadji (Islam)
Ji county in Linfen 臨汾|临汾, Shanxi
Gideon (name, from Judges 6:11-ffoll.) / also written 基甸
lucky omen
West Virginia, US state
Kelantan (state of Malaysia)
Jimsar county or Jimisar nahiyisi in Changji Hui autonomous prefecture 昌吉回族自治州, Xinjiang
Chittagong (Bangladesh port city)

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