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  *勾* | 勾* | *勾
surname Gou
  *勾* | 勾* | *勾
to attract / to arouse / to tick / to strike out / to delineate / to collude / variant of 鉤|钩, hook
  *勾* | 勾* | *勾
to seduce / to tempt
to draw the outline of / to outline / to sketch / to delineate contours of / to give a brief account of
to collude with / to collaborate with / to gang up with
sexy / seductive
to gang up / to fool around with / to make up to
to point a brick wall / to grout a tiled surface
to thicken with cornstarch
to fight and scheme against each other (idiom) / (in palace construction) elaborate and refined
to sketch out / to delineate
shady business
(of one's gaze) fixed / staring
to delineate / to articulate / to evoke / to draw out / to tick off
magatama (Japanese curved beads)
to write off at one stroke
to be linked together / to be involved with / to collude / interconnection / involvement / collusion
to check / to tick / (old) to buy
brothel / theater / carved balustrade
accessory hook
to blend various types of wine (or spirits, or fruit juices etc)
variant of 勾連|勾连
to steal (sb's heart)
(of sth sharp) to snag (one's stockings etc)
to write off / to cancel
King Gou Jian of Yue (c. 470 BC), sometimes considered one of the Five Hegemons 春秋五霸
to sketch / to delineate
hook (punch in boxing)
to make hanky-panky / to seduce women
to stay / to stop over / to break one's journey
variant of 勾欄|勾栏
left hook and right hook (boxing) / the old one-two
to act from inside in coordination with attackers outside / attacked from both inside and out
arms around each other's shoulders (idiom)
to cross little fingers (between children) as a promise
to collude with / to collaborate / (basketball) hook shot
to evoke / to induce / to call to mind / to pick up with a hook
Pythagorean theorem
King Gou Jian of Yue (c. 470 BC), sometimes considered one of the Five Hegemons 春秋五霸

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