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to lessen / to decrease / to reduce / to lower
to lose weight
  *減* | 減* | *減
to lower / to decrease / to reduce / to subtract / to diminish
to lighten / to ease / to alleviate
to slow down / to retard
to cut prices / to discount / to mark down / price cutting
to add or subtract / to increase or decrease / to go up or go down
to lower / to reduce
to slow down
to reduce by half
tax cut
to weaken / to attenuate
to reduce pressure / to relax
steep decline
to skimp on the job and stint on materials (idiom) / jerry-building / sloppy work
to reduce carbon emissions
to reduce or waive (taxes, punishment, rent, tuition etc)
to cut wages
minus / to subtract
to reduce speed / to slow down / to take it easy
to abridge (a text) / to edit out (of a movie) / to cut back (a budget, a curriculum)
(of one's skills, appearance etc) not to have deteriorated a bit / to be as (good, vigorous etc) as ever
to weaken / to fall off
to produce less / to reduce output / lower yield
to cut / to reduce
to reduce rent
progressively decreasing / gradually falling / in descending order
to take measures to mitigate the impact of disasters (including prevention, preparation, and support for stricken communities)
to cut down / to reduce / to lower
to claim a credit against / tax reduction
to reduce / to lessen / to cut down
to reduce emissions
to subtract / to lose (weight)
four rules of arithmetic / addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
to become more youthful
to reduce / to lessen (pain etc) / to deduct (from taxes)
to reduce / to decrease / to diminish
minus sign - (math.)
tax relief
to ebb / to go down / to decline
amount of reduction / size of discount
to make considered reductions / discretionary reduction
to lower the interest rate
to impair / to degrade / to decrease / to reduce / to weaken / to detract from / impairment (e.g. of financial assets)
to reduce / to pare down / to streamline
to increase without letup / to get worse and worse (idiom)
to reduce penalty / shortened or commuted (judicial) sentence
to deflate / to decrease (number, esp. price)
to alleviate a burden on sb
shock absorption / vibration dampening
to write down (i.e. to decrease the expected value of a loan)
moderator / reducer (mechanical gearbox)
to reduce carbon emissions
nuclear weapons reduction (abbr. for 裁減核武器|裁减核武器) / disarmament
to reduce poverty / poverty reduction
meiosis (in sexual reproduction)
optical attenuation
noise reduction
to fade / (fig.) to lose luster / (of an event etc) to be spoiled / (coinage) to become debased
attenuated live vaccine
to lower salary / to reduce pay
shock absorption / damping
decompression sickness / the bends / also 減壓症|减压症
decompression sickness / the bends / also 減壓病|减压病
decompression table
plus-minus sign (±) / plus and minus signs (+ and -)
debuff (gaming)
to reduce / to cut down
arms reduction
cushioning shoe
to remove or lighten (a tax etc)
decompression schedule
fin stabilizer (in ships) / anti-roll stabilizer
severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS)
makeup box (old)
decompression schedule (diving) / also called 減壓程序|减压程序
to retard / to decelerate

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