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preparation / to prepare / to intend / to be about to / reserve (fund)
(an official) standard / norm / criterion / CL: 個|个
accurate / exact / precise
on time / punctual / on schedule
to approve / to ratify
norm / standard / criterion
to take aim at / to target
  *準* | 準* | *準
accurate / standard / definitely / certainly / about to become (bride, son-in-law etc) / quasi- / para-
to authorize / to investigate then ratify
to serve as the norm / ...shall prevail (as standard for rules, regulations, price etc)
(exam) admission ticket
norm / standard / standard of reference / base / base point / base line / benchmark / reference point / reference frame / criterion / data
accurate / exact / precise / precision
level (of achievement etc) / standard / level (surveying)
  *准* | 准* | *准
to allow / to grant / in accordance with / in the light of
standard / norm / criterion
to obtain permission
to be ready
(statistics) standard deviation
double standard
to comply with a standard / standards-compliant
to allow / to grant / to permit
reserve fund
to aim at / to target / to point at / to be directed at / registration / alignment (mechanical engineering)
level (device to determine horizontal) / spirit level / surveyor's level
to calibrate
nonstandard / unconventional
standard / norm
to adjust to the right value / to tune / to focus (a camera etc) / to set (the date, the time) to the correct value
technology standard
to prepare / to make adequate preparation
to make preparations
to grant / to approve / to permit
to observe and make sure / to check
completely unprepared
brigadier general / commodore
to recognize / to acknowledge (as valid)
Standard and Poor's (S&P), company specializing in financial market ratings / S&P financial index
standard (hotel) room / two-person room of standard size and amenities / abbr. to 标间
American Federal Reserve
standard pronunciation / standard tone (e.g. A = 440 Hz)
standard conditions for temperature and pressure
unable to say / can't say precisely
to identify clearly / to make sure of / to believe firmly
standards organization / standards body
code of conduct / standard of conduct
standard language
lacking class / boorish / poor quality / substandard
not to allow / to forbid / to prohibit
standard conditions for temperature and pressure
certainly / for sure
access to markets
not up to scratch / subpar / off / gone awry / (of an instrument) to be out of kilter / (of a forecast) to be off the mark
yardstick / fig. criterion / ground rule
front sight (firearms) / the zero point indicator marked on a steelyard
par (golf)
deposit-reserve ratio
to guarantee / reliable / for sure
variant of 保准
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
not sure / maybe
Standard Model (of particle physics)
Greenwich Mean Time / GMT
approved by His (or Her) Majesty / permission graciously granted (from highly authoritative position) / to graciously permit / to condescend to allow
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
to be unsure about a matter / to be uncertain / to be unable to make sense of sth
values / standards
evidence (that one can rely on) / grounds (for believing sth)
to approve / to permit / approval / permission
forbidden / not allowed
in doubt / unsure of sth / unable to decide / indecisive
ready at any moment
to watch for an opportunity / to see one's chance to
sighting device / sight (for a firearm etc)
Kou Zhun (961-1023), Northern Song politician and poet
standard time
directrix line of a parabola / guide line
Actual practice is the sole criterion for judging truth (item from Deng Xiaoping theory, from 1978)
accounting standards council
certainly / also written 一準|一准
Standardization Administration of PRC (SAC)
(drug etc) approval number
international human rights norms
Junggar Basin, northern Xinjiang
Jungar Banner in Ordos 鄂爾多斯|鄂尔多斯, Inner Mongolia
request granted (formal usage in old document) / to aim (gun)
Chung Mongjoon (1951-), Korean magnate and the founder of Hyundai 現代
birth permit
official portrait
reserve requirement (finance)
telescopic sight / scope (on a rifle)
industry standard
CNS 11643, Chinese character coding adopted in Taiwan, 1986-1992

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