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icebox / freezer cabinet / refrigerator / CL: 臺|台, 個|个
ice cream
hail / hailstone / CL: 場|场,
  *冰* | 冰* | *冰
ice / CL: 塊|块 / to chill sth / (of an object or substance) to feel cold / (of a person) cold / unfriendly / (slang) methamphetamine
ice cube / ice chunk
ice cream
frozen dessert
ice hockey / puck
ice and snow
refrigerator / CL: 個|个
iceberg / CL:
to freeze
iced water
crystal sugar / rock candy
popsicle / ice pop / CL:
to freeze over / to ice over / icebound / to shelve (a proposal etc)
freezer / deep freeze / refrigerator
ice crystals
Pai Ping-ping (well-known Taiwan performing artist)
(literary) ice formed in freezing weather as frost or icicles etc (often used as a metaphor for moral uprightness, strictness, sternness or aloofness)
ice bucket
freezing point
Li Bing (c. 3rd century BC) hydraulic engineer who designed the Dujiangyan 都江堰 irrigation system in Sichuan
ice skating / (slang) to do meth
to freeze
tip of the iceberg
shaved ice dessert (Tw)
ice crystal / frost (on windows)
ice-cream brick
Bing Xin (1900-1999), female poet and children's writer
exceptionally intelligent (idiom)
a world of ice and snow
dessert parlor serving mainly cold sweets (esp. shaved ice) (Tw)
ice bag
shaved or crushed ice dessert or beverage
skating shoes / ice skates / roller skates / roller blades
fire and ice / combination of sharply contrasting or incompatible elements
to dispel (enmity, misunderstandings etc) / to vanish (of misgivings, differences of opinion) / thaw (in relations)
ice raft / ice floe
icy storm / hailstorm
ice rink / skating rink
slushie / smoothie / crushed ice drink / frappucino
as cold as ice and frost (idiom, usually of woman); icy manner / frigid
ice sculpture
to thaw (frozen food) / to bring to room temperature
to skate / skating
lit. as if walking on thin ice (idiom) / fig. to be extremely cautious / to be skating on thin ice
to break the ice / groundbreaking (in relations)
to defrost / to get rid of ice
to forget previous differences / to bury the hatchet
water ice (i.e. frozen H2O)
Li Bingbing (1973-), PRC film actress and pop star
clear as ice and clean as jade (idiom); spotless / irreproachable / incorruptible
ice floe
frozen eggs
popsicle / ice lolly / CL:
ice / (fig.) frosty relationship
dry ice (i.e. frozen CO2) / CL: 塊|块
ice breaker (ship)
  *氷* | 氷* | *氷
variant of
ice blockage / freezing of waterway
sugar-coated Chinese hawthorn or other fruit on a bamboo skewer / tanghulu
ice age
Arctic ocean
ice skates / ice skate blades
ice auger
(of a drink) iced / on the rocks
ice sheet
ice breaker
on the rocks / with ice / iced
skating or ice rink / ice stadium / ice arena
jelly snack made by kneading jelly fig seeds 愛玉子|爱玉子 in water and combining with flavorings (popular in Taiwan and Singapore)
jade pot for cold water / curling (sport) / curling puck
ignorant / doubt stemming from ignorance / (a summer insect has no word for ice, Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子)
figure skating
snow skin mooncake (with a soft casing which is not baked, instead of the traditional baked pastry casing)
frozen solid
ice age
the moon
ice plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum)
three feet of ice does not form in a single day (idiom); Rome wasn't built in a day
ice age
figure skating
roller skating
ice-cream / popsicle / ice-lolly / sorbet
ice arch
ice maker
hole in ice / crevasse
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