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to register / to enroll
  *冊* | 冊* | *冊
book / booklet / classifier for books
registered trademark
manual / handbook
photo album
detailed list / inventory
roll (of names) / register / CL:
to confer a title upon sb / to dub / to crown / to invest with rank or title
commercial brochure / advertising pamphlet / flyer
picture album
domain name registration
a book / a volume
stamp album / CL:
a register / land register / account book / ledger
register of shareholders
an account book / a ledger / a bill
statistical form / book of tables or forms
booklet / pamphlet / leaflet / information sheet / menu / CL:
to confer a title on (an empress or a prince)
volume (one of a series) / fascicule
booklet / brochure / (old) book (made of bamboo strips tied together)
Prime tortoise of the record bureau, Song dynasty historical encyclopedia of political essays, autobiography, memorials and decrees, compiled 1005-1013 under Wang Qinruo 王欽若|王钦若 and Yang Yi 楊億|杨亿, 1000 scrolls
register of names / attendance roll book
exercise booklet
Ceheng county in Qianxinan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture 黔西南州, Guizhou
Windows registry
account book / ledger
Ceheng county in Qianxinan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture 黔西南州, Guizhou
notebook containing a record
ancient books and volumes / classical writings
the Other List (Qing dynasty register of outlaws) / a blacklist of undesirables
Sanskrit on Talipot palm leaves (idiom); Buddhist scripture

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