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safe / secure / safety / security
whole / entire / complete
complete / whole / totally / entirely
all-around / comprehensive / total / overall
complete / comprehensive
robust / sound
overall situation
  *全* | 全* | *全
surname Quan
  *全* | 全* | *全
all / whole / entire / every / complete
whole nation / nationwide / countrywide / national
entire / total / global / the (whole) world / worldwide
all new / completely new
entire text / full text
all around / omnidirectional / complete / holistic / comprehensive
whole family
the whole year / all year long
everyone present / the whole audience / across-the-board / unanimously / whole duration (of a competition or match)
security / safety
world wide web / WWW
entire population (of a country)
the whole distance / from beginning to end
the entire sum / the whole amount
encyclopedia / CL: ,
whole territory of Hong Kong
worldwide / entire world
all / entire
whole body / em (typography)
home run (baseball)
omnibus / complete works (of a writer or artist)
with all one's strength / full strength / all-out (effort) / fully (support)
an entire set / full complement
all-inclusive / complete / comprehensive collection
the whole province
seat belt / safety belt
full-time job
to save from damage / to preserve / to maintain / to keep in good repair / (Tw) security guard
all / without exception
the whole front (in a war) / the whole length (of a road or railway line)
global warming (Taiwan and Hong Kong usage) / written 全球變暖|全球变暖 in PRC
omnipotent / all-round / strong in every area
to do at all costs / to make an all-out effort
General English Proficiency Test (GEPT), commissioned by Taiwan's Ministry of Education in 1999
panoramic view
abbr. for 全國人大會議|全国人大会议, National People's Congress (NPC)
full text search
full name
throughout the United States / the whole of America
national security
sense of security
complete personnel / fully manned
the whole class
safe period / safe days of a woman's menstrual cycle (low risk of conception)
entire book / unabridged book / entire multi-volume work / comprehensive volume
safety feature / security measure
safety valve
to help sb accomplish his aim / to help sb succeed / to complete / to make whole / to round off
Wanquan county in Zhangjiakou 張家口|张家口, Hebei
absolutely safe / surefire / thorough
full-priced ticket / by unanimous vote
whole edition / whole performance (of Chinese opera)
every part of the country
full powers / total authority / plenipotentiary powers
holomorphic (math.)
whole wheat
safety net
full-time attendance at work
global / worldwide
almost entirely / almost completely
National Health Insurance (Tw)
whole day
overall / comprehensive
with heart and soul
economic security
(computing) full pinyin (input method where the user types pinyin without tones, e.g. "shiqing" for 事情)
Four Comprehensives (political guidelines announced by President Xi Jinping, 2015)
tour escort (throughout the entire tour)
Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level
H bridge (electronics)
(US) Department of Homeland Security
comprehensive / thorough / to bring one's help / to assist
safety airbag (auto.)
completely / totally recovered / healed
to give careful consideration to / to display thoughtfulness towards
personal safety
with everything needed available
security bureau
general congress / meeting of the whole committee
safety issue / security issue
Tianquan county in Ya'an 雅安, Sichuan
PRC Ministry of State Security
perfect / complete
Siku Quanshu (collection of books compiled during Qing dynasty)
National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
heart and soul / wholeheartedly
completely unprepared

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