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full of / brimming with / very full / permeated
to replenish / to supplement / to complement / additional / supplementary / CL: 個|个
battery charger
ample / sufficient / adequate / full / fully / to the full
to expand
rich / full / substantial / to enrich / to augment / to substantiate (an argument)
adequate / sufficient / abundant
to feign / to pretend to be / to pass oneself off as
to serve as / to act as / to play the role of
abundant / plentiful / vigorous
to recharge batteries / fig. to rest and recuperate
  *充* | 充* | *充
to fill / to satisfy / to fulfill / to act in place of / substitute / sufficient / full
to inflate
pad / padding
to be full of / to flood / to congest
complementary item
abundant / ample / plenty / abundance
to substitute shoddy goods
to be transported to a distant place for penal servitude / to banish
Nanchong prefecture level city in Sichuan
portable charger / mobile power pack
complement / complementary quantity
at most / at best
hyperemia (increase in blood flow) / blood congestion
to allay one's hunger
to confiscate
to use in payment / to compensate
to pass oneself off as sb / to palm sth off as
lit. to swell one's face up by slapping it to look imposing (idiom); to seek to impress by feigning more than one's abilities
to block one's ears and not listen (idiom); to turn a deaf ear
to make up the number (i.e. to fill places up to a given number) / to serve as stopgap
lit. to play the yu mouth organ to make up numbers (idiom); fig. to make up the numbers with inferior products / to masquerade as having an ability / token member of a group
bulking agent
to recharge (money onto a card)
to fill a post / to act as
rechargeable card / to recharge a card
stroke / cerebral hemorrhage
to banish (to an army post, as a punishment)
to oxygenate / to provide oxygen complement
to recharge
Wang Shichong (-621), general of late Sui and opponent of early Tang
Wang Chong (27-97), rationalist and critical philosopher
full employment
to give sufficient consideration to
inflatable boat
complementary medicine
to act temporarily as
see 抵充
lit. to allay one's hunger using a picture of a cake / to feed on illusions (idiom)
to pose as sb / to act a part / imposture
Xichong county in Nanchong 南充, Sichuan
necessary and sufficient condition
to banish to penal servitude
congestion / to block / to congest / to crowd / to choke / to cram / to fill up / to stuff / to take up all the space
to overflow (with riches) / replete
to fill (gap, hole, area, blank) / to pad out / to complement / (dental) filling / filled
filling material / stuffing / lining / filling
vigorous / energetic
Nanchong prefecture in Sichuan
abundant / plentiful
abundant and fluent / affluent and smooth
mesenchymal (tissue, in cell biology)
lit. enough books to make a pack-ox sweat or to fill a house to the rafters (idiom); fig. many books
Nanchong prefecture level city in Sichuan
to allay one's hunger and slake one's thirst (idiom)
to bury one's head in the sand (idiom)
complementary factor
Xichong county in Nanchong 南充, Sichuan
sufficient grounds (law)
mesenchyme (loosely organized embryonic connective tissue)
mesenchymal stem cell MSC (in cell biology)

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