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stockpile / to store / to stockpile / storage
to deposit money / to save / savings
reserves / to store up
  *儲* | 儲* | *儲
surname Chu / Taiwan pr. [Chu2]
  *儲* | 儲* | *儲
to store / to save / to have in reserve / heir / Taiwan pr. [chu2]
(Tw) to put money into (a stored-value card or pre-paid phone account) / to top up
to store up / to stockpile / (computer) to save / to store / memory / storage
to store in a warehouse
locker / cabinet
to hoard
remaining quantity / reserves (of natural resources, oil etc)
crown prince / heir to throne
stored-value card / prepaid card (telephone, transport etc)
memory (computing)
to store / deposit / (oil, mineral etc) deposits
to store water
data warehouse (computing)
(bank) depositor
gas storage
memory card
foreign-exchange reserves
grain reserves
reserve currency
savings account (in bank)
gas canister / gas storage tank
savings rate
fixed deposit (banking)
US Federal Reserve (Fed), the US central bank
US Federal Reserve (Fed), the US central bank
heir apparent to a throne
debit card
crown prince
water-storage tank
random access memory (RAM)
reserves (bank)
personal savings
seminal vesicle
capital reserve
static memory
storeroom / CL: 間|间
standpipe (firefighting water storage system for a building)
to deposit money / savings
coal reserves
dynamic memory
cache (computing)
(computing) flash memory
chemical weapons storage
volatile memory
compulsive hoarding
short-term storage / store
EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory)
greenhouse gas sequestration
stack memory (computing)
lysosomal storage disease (LSD)

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