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  *僧* | 僧* | *僧
(bound form) Buddhist monk (abbr. for 僧伽)
poor monk (humble term used by monk of himself)
lit. many monks and not much gruel (idiom) / fig. not enough to go around / demand exceeds supply
(Buddhism) sangha / the monastic community / monk
(Buddhist) monks and nuns
a senior monk
laymen / laity
Buddhist monks
abbey / Buddhist monastery / vihara
Sha Wujing
senior monk
Zhang Sengyou (active c. 490-540), one of the Four Great Painters of the Six Dynasties 六朝四大家
Coraciiformes, class of birds including kingfishers and hornbills
capuchin monkey / genus Cebidae
Sinhalese (language)
Xuanzang (602-664) Tang dynasty Buddhist monk and translator, who traveled to India 629-645
(bird species of China) European roller (Coracias garrulus)
lit. not for the monk's sake but for the Buddha's sake (idiom) / fig. (to do sth for sb) out of deference to sb else
(zoology) Portuguese man o' war (Physalia physalis)
Sweeper Monk, nameless monk who maintains the library of Shaolin (from Jin Yong's novel "Demigods and Semidevils" 天龍八部|天龙八部) / (fig.) person whose remarkable talents are not well known
(bird species of China) Indian roller (Coracias benghalensis)

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